When purchasing fresh lilies, knowing what you’re looking for beforehand, can save you time and aggravation. If you’re interested in buying fresh flowers, lilies are a great way to go. There are some flowers that have lily in their name, but aren’t actually lilies.

a yellow asiatic lily

Two examples of this are the “peace lily”, and the “day lily.” True lilies are of the genus lilium, and grow from bulbs. True lilies usually have stiff stems, and narrow leaves. FlowerDelivery.com offers some beautiful lily bouquets. The lilies flower shape may be bell-shaped, bowl-shaped, or trumpet-shaped, and come in many colors.

The fresh-cut lilies that you buy in the store, or online, are either one of two types of lily. They are either Asiatic lilies, or oriental lilies. These two groups of lilies make up the bulk of commercially sold lilies.

Oriental lilies are larger than Asiatics, and tend to be more fragrant. In fact Asiatic lilies often have little or no fragrance at all. Oriental lilies usually grow 24-72 inches tall, and produce flowers with a diameter of about 4-12 inches.

Common oriental lily flower colors are; pure white, red, pink, or a combination of two or more colors. Asiatic lilies grow about 12-60 inches, and produce flowers with a diameter of 6-8 inches. Asiatic lily flowers are usually streaked, having two or more colors.

Two of the more popular types of oriental lilies, are the “stargazers”, and the “casablancas”. The stargazer lilies are commercially grown more than any other type of lily. They have a pink to dark pink center, white edges, and pink dots.

They have a lot of fragrance, and can produce flowers up to 12 inches in diameter. Casablanca lilies are another popular oriental lily. They are pure white, and are also very fragrant. Their flowers usually get to be between 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

If you’re looking to buy lilies, and you want to go with Asiatic lilies, which tend to be a little cheaper, the “enchantment lily” is a good choice. The enchantment lily is a popular hybrid lily that produces brilliant orange-red flowers that are covered in dark red spots. Flowers can grow to be 9 inches in diameter.

If you want lilies for a special occasion but are on a budget, you might also want to look into silk lilies. These are cheaper, and may look surprisingly life-like. You can find them at craft stores, online florists, and even eBay.

Taking Care of Your Lilies

beautiful fresh lilies

Once you get your fresh lilies home, there are a few things you can do to make them last as long as possible. First remove the leaves of the lily that will be submerged in water, once they are placed in a vase. Then cut about 1 inch off from the base of the stem.

It is better if the stem is submerged in water when cutting them to prevent the lily stems from drying out. Once you cut the stems quickly put the lilies in a vase full of fresh water.

Adding floral preservatives to the water can extend the life of the plant. Also the water should be about 104 degrees. This prevents air bubbles from clogging the lilies stems, which reduces the lilies ability to take up water.

Also make sure you keep the lilies out of direct sun light, and add water frequently, because lilies like a lot of water. Hopefully this article has helped you in choosing a lily that’s right for you, and understanding some basics about this beautiful plant.