How to Grow a Bunch of Dazzling African Violets

I know many folks who love growing African violets, and you know why? That’s because they are one of those easy to grow and propagate indoor plants. They are also able to provide an array of beautiful blooms.

However, it seems that people either can grow them or can’t. If you are one of those who has always wanted to know how to grow African violets then read on because they do require some basic things for best results. (more…)


A Guide to Nurturing, Caring, and Buying Orchids

I’m quite sure you would agree when I say, orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers which owe their hugely dedicated fan following to their mesmerizing appearance.

Whether you are an orchid enthusiast or just a person who likes to have different kinds of flowers at home; once you have an orchid plant, you won’t be content with just one. There is a long standing myth that (more…)

Some Helpful Pointers on Garden Paths and Edging

An important thing to consider when you plan your backyard garden is garden paths. You’ll want a space where you can walk through your garden to enjoy it. If you have some type of focal point in your garden, you’ll need a path to direct visitors to that focal point.

Garden Paths

an elegant garden path

Just like the rest of the garden, you should plan your garden paths. There is more to a garden path than simply an (more…)

A Little Bit of Info on the Arjuna Herb

The Arjuna herb has been used by in Ayurveda healing tradition since 2500 B.C. as an effective cardiovascular medicine. The co-enzyme Q-10, that has been proven by scientific research and study to prevent heart attacks, is derived from the bark of the Arjuna tree. Blood circulation is improved as enhances the elimination of bad cholesterol.

It aids in prevention of stroke it narrows the (more…)

Planting Trees in Your Garden

a group of garden trees

Trees play a very important role in providing an environment that is pleasant to enjoy and live in. Imagine our situation particularly in urban areas, with innumerable high rise buildings, densely populated zones, without trees.

They do much to absorb noise, grit, dust and other atmospheric pollutants, thus providing us with a slightly cleaner, quieter place to live.

How stark and (more…)

Ladybug House for Garden – Let’s Make Them Feel at Home

ladybug house for garden

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually some beneficial bugs that are a welcome addition to any garden, like ladybugs for instance. Having ladybugs in the garden can be both beneficial to the environment. So to keep them around, you should get a good quality ladybug house for garden.

Also don’t forget, ladybugs can add a touch of bright color to your green garden space. Adding an army of these beneficial bugs can help your garden grow and produce without nasty pesticides that could be harmful to you AND your produce (more on that later).

By the way, here’s (more…)

Lack the Space to Garden? Use Some Pots Then!

In today’s world of asphalt and cement, the backyard or front yard garden has become a rarity. The space for gardens has been appropriated as either a parking lot for the family vehicle, or as paved paths that make it impossible for plants to thrive.

In some places where space is at a premium, such as in cities, the houses and buildings are put so close together that all you ever see is an expanse of grey. There is no sight of any (more…)