7 Things To Think About When Selecting A Garden Urn

Garden urns are great for creating a focal point in your garden. They translate a classic style to any type of garden boasting any variety of plants. They can be used to accomplish this with or without flowers. If you do not plan to put flowers into your garden urn, then you can choose one that is more ornate and has a beautiful design to it.


7 Attractive Aquatic Plants to Grow In the Greenhouse

The aquatics are just the thing for lending a distinctive character to a greenhouse or a conservatory** if you build a small indoor pool.

This is easily done nowadays if you use a little artistic imagination with the help of plastics, and with care and the use of easily handled materials such as hypertufa (which has the appearance of natural-stone, but is lightweight and easily lifted).

greenhouse aquatic plant

Very natural-looking pools can be devised, complete with tinkling fountain and even fish. There are some especially delightful exotic aquatics such as tropical Nymphaea (water lilies), bur owing to the high temperatures they demand I have omitted them for practical reasons.


8 Wholesome Veggies to Grow in Your Home Garden

With the ever increasing cost of vegetables, it makes more sense now than ever before to grow your own. It is not difficult, or even excessively space consuming. You can grow vegetables with attractive foliage among the flowers—carrots, beetroot and runner beans are all good to look at as well as to eat.

The important thing is that any vegetable site should have plenty of sunlight. You should also remember to (more…)

Gardening in a Greenhouse – 5 Things To Be Mindful About

A small greenhouse, even if heated, can be an extremely valuable ‘tool’ in the cultivation of the outdoor garden. Indeed, it can have a quite dramatic effect in its improvement.

1) Bedding Plants

A small greenhouse, or even some frames, can very quickly return the initial expenditure if they are used for raising bedding plants alone, although many other year-round uses can be found too.

a small, simple greenhouse

Most bedding plants can be (more…)