How to Remove a Beehive Yourself

The first step when you have a bee swarm land in your yard is to contact a local beekeeper. However, don’t be surprised if they say they are not interested in collecting them.

Wild bees are likely to be diseased and beekeepers will probably refuse to collect them.

You can attempt to get them to move on using moth balls and other smelly things that insets hate, but once the queen bee settles down this is unlikely to be successful. However this simply passes the problem onto someone else.

It can also be (more…)


How to Get Rid Of Rabbits Naturally

The frolicking rabbits in my backyard and even in my front yard at the beginning of this year didn’t really bother either I or my hubby. But boy, does that feeling change when you try to plant flowers or you have a garden.

Though rabbits are harmless creatures, they can cause some major problems for us gardeners. How many times have you discovered your young flowers or even your garden plants eaten down to the root?

a wild rabbit in the backyard

For me, through the years it has just been too many to count!

And then when they take up residence under your deck you find they have discovered the perfect cover from man, beast and weather. This invariably makes for a perfect spot for those pesky rabbits to start their family.

Granted, I would prefer (more…)

The Definitive Guide to Growing Princess Lily Flowers

Princess Lily flowers – also called Alstroemerias – are beautiful flowering plants originating from the slopes of South America. The plant flowers intermittently from June to September, and are popular for their striped or spotted petal markings. Princess lilies are excellent long-lasting cut flowers.

beautiful yellow princess lily flowers

You often see them in florist bouquets, what with its lovely mix of colors such as tropical pinks, bright yellow, orange or cream white. Aside from Alstroemeria, they are also referred to as “Peruvian Lilies” mainly because of their origins.

But do you know that they are not (more…)

How to Grow Grapes in Your Backyard

If you really want to learn how grow grapes in your backyard, you must first appease the Gods by offering them stupendously juicy grapes which can be found at the farmer’s market.

Once the Gods’ tummies are full, you will receive their blessings and only then, will you be able to comprehend and execute the grape growing techniques that are available in this world.

how to grow grapes in your backyard

So what are you waiting for? You want to know how to grow grapes at home, right? Get going to the (more…)

Creating a Small Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are often attracted to a butterfly garden for two reasons: Food in the form of flower nectar, and the proper conditions in a garden that butterflies need to live and reproduce.

Good examples of these proper conditions include puddles or moist areas that butterflies use to get nutrients, sheltered, sunny spots to bask in, and host plants that the butterflies can lay their eggs on.

a bunch of butterflies congregating

Butterflies can be very (more…)

What Are the Benefits of Teak Wood Garden Furniture?

Furniture made out of teak wood has become more and more popular plus it will last a very long time. Teak garden furniture is also beautiful, very sturdy and holds up very well during all kinds of weather.

Outdoor patio furniture can be constructed of a number of different materials such as plastic, wicker, wrought iron, cast aluminum, several types of wood and resin patio furniture.

Now let’s look at wooden patio furniture; some woods are much stronger than others while some do not handle climate and temperature changes very well.

Some of the hardwoods that make excellent outdoor garden furniture are (more…)

The Beneficial Insect Known as Green Lacewing

Common throughout North America, the adult green lacewing is a small, soft- bodied insect that is a light green color, has antennae, big eyes, six legs with, and lace style wings. This beneficial insect is often mistaken for a dragonfly.

an adult green lacewing

Eggs of this beneficial insect are whitish in color and can be (more…)