A Thing Or Two About Growing Tulip Trees On Your Property

If you’re looking for a fast-growing, disease resistant tree, consider growing tulip trees. Not only do they provide a beautiful green shade canopy, they also produce some beautiful, tulip-shaped blooms in the springtime.

Tulip Trees as Specimens

The tulip tree has been favored as a specimen tree by parks and zoos for decades. It grows quickly and while young, has a pyramid shape. In the fall, the leaves turn a yellow color, which adds interest when other trees have already lost their leaves.


The Most Ideal Method To Growing Food In A Sustainable Manner

The books on biointensive gardening and other pamphlets, as well as the course work available through Ecology Action are second to none when it comes to gardening. Their course work and lectures are worth attending. You can find out more about this method of gardening at: www.growbiointensive.org, through the Ecology Action organization..

growing food sustainably

When it comes to growing food in a sustainable manner, biointensive gardening is the most recommended method. Many regard it as the most supreme method of organic gardening, as it’s virtually an all encompassing system that merges efficiency, nourishment, as well as sustainability in a very seamless fashion.


Reader’s Email: How Much Can I Grow?

Question by Mr. Camron:

I just discovered this site last night, and spent hours reading it. I am excited to have found a place online that echoes my sentiments exactly!

This spring I expanded my little backyard garden. We replaced four 4’x4′ raised beds with four 3’x8′ beds arranged along the back fence where they will get maximum sunlight. This gives me almost 100 square feet of plantable area.

I have read a number of books on gardening, and searched online as well, but I haven’t been able to get a clear picture of how much I can grow in this amount of space.


Some Pretty Decent Tips on Gardening Year-Round

At mid-latitudes and in cooler countries most gardens are planted in spring and harvested in fall. You can plan to have a garden year-round even in regions that have distinct growing seasons.

You may need to provide extra space in your garden for crops to be grown during fall and winter, since these plants often start growing before harvest or prior to planting of your spring/summer garden. In cold country, you will need to consider growing your food in containers, cold frames or greenhouses.