Old Rose Varieties Are Great for Beautifying Any Yard

Roses make a gorgeous addition to any yard, but they aren’t for everyone. Although the rose flower is often considered one of the most beautiful flowers, some varieties can be quite difficult to grow and keep healthy.

It is important to understand that not all roses are created equal. There is a huge selection of roses available today that can be broadly divided into two categories: Old and modern roses.

Old roses are varieties of roses that existed prior to (more…)

Bourbon Roses Can Add Elegance to Your Landscape

Old garden roses are an elegant accent to almost any landscaping design. These beautiful roses have been delighting gardeners since ancient times.

The natural beauty of the rose flower is perfectly showcased by the bourbon roses, a type of old garden rose variety. These beautiful flowers are thought to have emerged from a natural cross between the hardy Damask rose, and the delicate China rose.

These roses came into existence before the development of hybridization techniques, which have (more…)

What’s the Deal with Silk Flowers?

If you’re looking to buy silk flowers, orchids, and plants, you have many choices as far as quality, style, and availability are concerned.

If you’re looking for silk flowers for a wedding, or just looking for the best prices for silk flowers, here’s some information that may help you out.

But first, a brief history on silk flowers…

Silk plants started off being made from crepe paper. Although beautiful in their own right, they weren’t really made to last that long. Then came the silk plants made of foam sheets.

Although able to hold color longer than crepe flowers, their appearance was less appealing. After them came the terrible plastic flowers, which looked (more…)

The Best 11 Biennial Plants to Grow in the Garden

1) Campanula

campanula flowers

These pretty bell-like plants come in shades of blue, lavender and white. There are dwarf varieties for edging or rock gardens; trailing varieties for hanging baskets or window boxes and tall varieties that can grow from 24-48 inches or 60-120 cm tall.

2) Canterbury Bell

A much-loved, old-fashioned flower with (more…)

The Definitive Guide to Growing Princess Lily Flowers

Princess Lily flowers – also called Alstroemerias – are beautiful flowering plants originating from the slopes of South America. The plant flowers intermittently from June to September, and are popular for their striped or spotted petal markings. Princess lilies are excellent long-lasting cut flowers.

beautiful yellow princess lily flowers

You often see them in florist bouquets, what with its lovely mix of colors such as tropical pinks, bright yellow, orange or cream white. Aside from Alstroemeria, they are also referred to as “Peruvian Lilies” mainly because of their origins.

But do you know that they are not (more…)

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Annual Plants to Prettify Any Home Garden

Annual Coreopsis (Calliopsis)

These have attractive golden yellow daisy like flowers with brown centers. They grow to about 60cm/24in and are very good for cutting.

There is also a dwarf variety with flowers of crimson, gold and maroon. These will tolerate difficult conditions and are good in town gardens.

California Poppy (Eschscholzia)

Another tongue twister of a name for a delightful old-fashioned flower sometimes known as Granny’s Nightcap. It will grow on poor, dry soil and likes full sunlight when it will produce flowers that are double, semi-double and single in (more…)