Useful to Know Considerations When Buying Fresh Lilies

When purchasing fresh lilies, knowing what you’re looking for beforehand, can save you time and aggravation. If you’re interested in buying fresh flowers, lilies are a great way to go. There are some flowers that have lily in their name, but aren’t actually lilies.


A Few Nice-to-Know Intel On Edible Flowers

I dare say that there are not many people aware of the fact that you actually can devour flowers served in salads, soups, and drinks. They can also be served in sauces and desserts!

Now of course not all flowers are tasty and not all are edible as some are definitely poisonous. There are many aspects of utilizing edibles that need to be followed.


A Chart Featuring Twenty Sublime Edible Flowers

The edible flowers found in this chart are not the only ones by any means which can be used in garnishes, flavoring in soups, or additions to salads. These are the ones I deemed more familiar to the gardener and also readily available to purchase.

I do want to note here there are flowers which should never be eaten, and this list is not all of the flowers that should be avoided. These include rhododendron, wisteria, foxglove, oleander, crocus, azalea and daffodil.


A Newbie’s Guide to Transplanting Roses

Knowing how and when to transplant roses makes all the difference if you want to keep these shrubs blooming beautifully. Roses are sensitive when it comes to moving them about, but changing locations is part of caring for them.

In fact, moving roses can often be healthy. They sometimes need more light, or a bigger space to grow. Or it can also be as simple as a need for better drainage, or to liven up another section of the garden.


The Phalaenopsis Is Perfect For Orchid Newbies

The Phalaenopsis orchid, also called Phal, is widely preferred by those who wish to grow orchids which are not too demanding on the grower. It is often the choice of beginners and home growers because they are easily grown and rebloom for years.

Phalaenopsis is a very appealing houseplant since it is quite easy to maintain the plant in a house or office environment. offers fresh cut orchids, and potted orchids.