Winter is the worst time for gardeners in respect of weeds. You can pull them all out one day and then it rains, and they are back and then it starts all over again.

Do not despair there are different ways for you to combat this never ending problem. Weeds are a problem in all gardens no matter whether it is a vegetable growing, flower or shrub garden. They have no preference where they grow.


The important thing is to reduce the chance of them growing anywhere in the first place. This can be done with a little effort on your part and no, it will not break your back in the process!

Weeds hide a multitude of insects and in some cases, encourage diseases in our vegetable gardens. They also reduce the goodness away from the healthy plants which need these nutrients.

The avid gardener often becomes fed up with continual weeding especially during the weed growing season. Therefore we need to control them before they take over our beautiful gardens.

The majority of weeds can be controlled with weeding by hand, oh no! Or an easier solution is mulching, yes, that means no back breaking digging involved.

Some people use chemicals to control their weeds, I will not go down that line of thought as I grow my vegetables to make sure there are no chemicals used on them.

Weeding By Hand

If you have planted seeds in a vegetable garden, then as they start to grow, it will still be necessary to pull the weeds out by hand otherwise you will lose your brand new seedlings.

As you hand weed, you can also thin out your seedlings to produce more growth of those left. You will also need to do this with weeds in small pots.

Mulching Your Garden

Mulching your garden is the best effective way to reduce weeds in any type of garden. It is less back breaking and will keep the weeds from popping up for weeks at a time.

This is especially effective if you are planning to holiday proof your garden if you are going away for several weeks.

Some weeds are hardier than others, so you need to be persistent to keep them down. If you are using plastic on your garden, you will still need to pull the weed growing next to the plant in the hole.

Best Way To Mulch and Reduce Weed Growth

The best way to mulch and reduce weed growth is with the use of newspapers and cardboard, although cardboard, will take longer to break down and finish off with mulch or even lawn clippings.


It is best if you do pull the worst of the weeds out by hand. (Once only) Now, spread out sheets of newspapers approximately 3 or 4 sheets thick right across your garden. Tear it up if necessary to fit in between your existing plants. Do not put this right up against the plants, as they still need air.


Either cover newspapers with normal mulch (bought or a mixture of your own scraps, etc.), or cover with all your lawn clippings. This will be enough to keep the moisture into the ground and stop all the weeds from coming up.

That’s how to be good at gardening—reduce weeds, and at the same time keep your weeds down for several weeks, which will allow you to go away and not worry about the weeds from overtaking your garden in your absence.