Control Them Pesky Weeds!

The typical garden—be it flower or vegetable—needs some weed control the garden is usually plagued to some degree by pesky weeds. There are many ways to invoke weed control infestation, and if your garden looks like the picture depicted below then you are in deep trouble.

out of control weed infestation

You have two choices in weed problems: either preventive methods which causes weeds not to germinate in the first place, or utilizing the tools and techniques to discourage existing weed growth.

The first method can be accomplished but only (more…)

A Pro’s Guide to Distinguishing Weeds in Your Backyard

Weed identification is a skill that every gardener ought to learn. It’s a very useful skill for a gardener to have. Another skill that’s useful is weed-control.

A lot of weeds out there can be identified with ease, and though some are one gardener’s weed, they might be another gardener’s flower.

these are pretty looking weeds

There are literally numerous puzzling weeds that I scratch my head about every week in the garden. The annual weed is finished at the end of the growing season.

This type does produce the greatest quantity of seeds but will not come back if the top growth is destroyed. On the other hand the pesky (more…)

How to Minimize Weed Growth in Your Garden

Winter is the worst time for gardeners in respect of weeds. You can pull them all out one day and then it rains, and they are back and then it starts all over again.

Do not despair there are different ways for you to combat this never ending problem. Weeds are a problem in all gardens no matter whether it is a vegetable growing, flower or shrub garden. They have no preference where they grow.


The important thing is to (more…)