Garden Watering Systems for Reducing Water Usage

Garden watering systems, when chosen and used properly, can reduce your use of water. Garden watering systems offer several different options that range from very simple to complex. Most systems generally include being water wise, plant wise, and just plain taking care of your plants.

a simple but effective garden watering system

You want to check under the surface of the soil for moisture and be selective when you do garden watering. Overwatering will wash away the (more…)

Small Garden Pond and Pool Ideas

breathtaking garden pool

Richly hued water lilies, reflections on a still, warm summer’s day, the plop of an eager goldfish as it surfaces to snap at a careless fly—such are some of the attractions of a garden pool. It is easy to make, can be completed in a day and will bring a lifetime’s interest. It can be of any (more…)

Keeping Fish in Your Garden Pond Safe From Predators

One of the biggest challenges with a garden fish pond is keeping fish safe from predators. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a considerable amount of money replacing fish that vanish on a regular basis. There is no guarantee that you won’t ever lose fish to predators, but a little planning should help keep them safe.

Natural Predators

Found in increasing numbers in gardens in the US, UK, and elsewhere, where they nest in trees and bushes, the (more…)

Picking the Right Plants for Your Garden Pond

These days you can easily find plenty of plants to beautify your garden pond. The variety of shapes and sizes available is ridiculously huge. When buying, try to think about the overall shape and form you wish to create in and around the water. Ideally have tall marginal plants around the back and sides, with perhaps a bog garden area for amphibians and other wildlife.


Small marginal plants look good at the front, with perhaps a (more…)

Garden Pond Winter Prep Guide

Retailers are very busy now buying in stocks of winter products for pond owners in order to help them prepare their water gardens for the winter.

It is extremely important that pond owners check their pond equipment in order for it to last throughout the coldest months.

Fish must be prepared in order to over-winter well so they should be in the best of health to start with, so now is the time to start your preparations.

Start to monitor your pond’s water quality so that when you leave it over winter you will know that it is healthy and will be in good shape to last until the spring.

Poor water quality will lead to sick fish and pond problems and come the spring, your fish may not be alive. (more…)