The Greatest (Not!) Citrus Trees Pruning or Trimming Guide

Most of us wonder when to trim citrus trees and how often it should be done. When to trim citrus trees is based on the health of the tree and how attractive you want it to look. You may also want the tree to stay within your bounds, so a tall ladder is not needed to pick the fruit.

a super healthy citrus tree

Pruning Fear

There are a number of people who are afraid of pruning citrus trees; they think it is a difficult chore or they are worried about damaging the tree. Because of this, they become neglected and end up growing wild, and some people believe they take care of themselves.

In actuality this will cause the fruit’s (more…)

The 5 Fundamentals of Growing Healthy and Productive Fruit Trees

Whether you have a small backyard and only room for one tree, or you have access to space for a whole orchard, growing fruit trees can give you a lot of pleasure. As well as growing into attractive trees they will also bare plenty of fruit that you can eat, preserve, bake with or even sell if you have it in large quantities.

very healthy and productive fruit trees

There are a few things to remember when growing fruit trees, as well as knowing how to look after them. It is also (more…)

Key Points to Growing a Lemon Tree in Your Backyard

Growing your own lemons right there in your own backyard is not only a great way to create a regular supply of lemons, but the lemon tree itself is one of the best trees to grow at home. Consider these points:

  • It’s an evergreen
  • Produces a wonderful fragrance throughout the garden
  • Makes a great shade tree
  • Produces a fantastic edible product

Below you can find an outline which explains all the key points from start to finish. Follow these steps and (more…)

10 Fruit and Nut Trees That You Can Grow Fairly Easily

These days, quite a lot of Americans are looking for ways to save money on groceries while at the same time gaining quality control over their own food supply.

Home vegetable gardens are coming back in a big way, and many people are relearning traditional domestic arts like cooking, canning, drying, freezing, and other time-honored methods of food preparation and preservation.

Planting trees and shrubs that are attractive and that also (more…)

Planting Trees in Your Garden

a group of garden trees

Trees play a very important role in providing an environment that is pleasant to enjoy and live in. Imagine our situation particularly in urban areas, with innumerable high rise buildings, densely populated zones, without trees.

They do much to absorb noise, grit, dust and other atmospheric pollutants, thus providing us with a slightly cleaner, quieter place to live.

How stark and (more…)

Growing the DD Blanchard Magnolia Grandiflora Tree

If you’re looking for a truly magnificent evergreen to compliment your landscaping, the D.D. Blanchard Magnolia grandiflora may be just what you need.

The leaves are dark green, oversized and oh-so-glossy that offer attractive, rust-colored undersides. Robbins Nursery in North Carolina is where the D.D. Blanchard originated and now it can be found across (more…)