Best Rain Barrels – Let’s Go Singing in the Rain!

Collecting rainwater either into a rain barrel or diverting it into a water garden, or to irrigate the garden or green house is a great way to conserve energy and water. As such, we are happy to present to you some of the best rain barrels for the money.

best rain barrels

These lovely rain barrels will enhance your landscape along with saving water. They are easy to install and implement.


Best Tow Behind Broadcast Spreaders

When it comes to spreading seeds and fertilizer over gardens and lawns in an even fashion, nothing beats a broadcast spreader. There are a few types to choose from such as walk-behind, hand-held and tow behind which is the type we’ll be focusing on here.

best tow behind broadcast spreaders

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on the best tow behind broadcast spreaders that you can get your hands on in the coming days, weeks, months—whenever you’re ready to buy one.

The thing is this kind of spreader can be (more…)

Best Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reels

One of the most important tools you want to have in your garden is a water hose. And you’re going to need a reel for the hose. Well, you don’t really “need” it, but it’s advisable that you get one because the convenience it provides is going to make you happy-clappy.

So that is why we put together this list. The objective is to help you discover the best wall mounted garden hose reel, so that you can really enjoy tending your little Eden while smiling ear to ear.

best wall mounted garden hose reels

For us, the joy factor takes a nosedive each time we have to untangle a knotted hose and roll up the wet, dirty thing by hand. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely (more…)

Dog Garden Statues (Keep Them Burglars Away!)

Several months ago I was real busy working on my garden making sure everything look tip-top. Old leaves and debris were all over the place so they had to be cleaned up; compost pile had to be maintained, weeding plus other tedious but kind of fun garden maintenance stuff.

dog garden statues

As I was cleaning up some garden vegetable beds and adding several new plants, I suddenly realized that my garden would look so much better if I (more…)

Best Raised Garden Beds

We’ve been growing herbs and veggies on raised garden beds for a number of years and we really appreciate their benefits.

best raised garden beds

Since we like them so much, we feel obligated to present to you some of the best raised garden beds on the market. The following selections are the real deal and you’re really going to get your money’s worth out them. (more…)