How to Remove a Beehive Yourself

The first step when you have a bee swarm land in your yard is to contact a local beekeeper. However, don’t be surprised if they say they are not interested in collecting them.

Wild bees are likely to be diseased and beekeepers will probably refuse to collect them.

You can attempt to get them to move on using moth balls and other smelly things that insets hate, but once the queen bee settles down this is unlikely to be successful. However this simply passes the problem onto someone else.

It can also be (more…)

How to Get Rid Of Rabbits Naturally

The frolicking rabbits in my backyard and even in my front yard at the beginning of this year didn’t really bother either I or my hubby. But boy, does that feeling change when you try to plant flowers or you have a garden.

Though rabbits are harmless creatures, they can cause some major problems for us gardeners. How many times have you discovered your young flowers or even your garden plants eaten down to the root?

a wild rabbit in the backyard

For me, through the years it has just been too many to count!

And then when they take up residence under your deck you find they have discovered the perfect cover from man, beast and weather. This invariably makes for a perfect spot for those pesky rabbits to start their family.

Granted, I would prefer (more…)

Attack of the Spider Mites and the Cucumber Beetles

There are many garden and landscape shrubs that suffer damage at the hands of the spider mites and the cucumber beetles. Now, let’s talk about the spider mites first.

Spider Mites

The spider mites enjoy a summer with little or no rain, and can become more invasive making your garden or landscape to be increasingly ravaged by this pest. Spider mites and the damage they bring can be recognized by (more…)

Crop-Damaging Diseases and Pests

Just as there is an infinite range of cultivated and natural plants, so too, is there a myriad of insects and minute life in the form of fungal and bacterial diseases, which depend on plants for their existence.

cabbage white butterfly
The cabbage white butterfly

Left to their own devices, a balance is usually struck between the plants and their hosts, but there is a constant ebb and flow with the resurgence of a particular pest or disease overtaking the plants and vice-versa.

The need to keep all garden pesticides in a safe place cannot be emphasized too strongly and still more important. Use them according to (more…)