How To Choose The Healthiest Poinsettia Plant Possible

Walk into almost any store between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you will see rows of beautiful poinsettias. From a distance, the deep red poinsettias look like velvet.

They seem to be calling out, “Yes, I am real! Come touch me!” When purchased within a week of their arrival, any plant that looks nice is probably healthy and will last for weeks beyond Christmas.

extraordinarily healthy poinsettia plants

However, each passing day presents a challenge for the poinsettia to maintain good health, especially in stores that do not have a regular floral department.


Why You May Want to Grow Black Eyed Susan in the U.S.

During the height of summer is when one is able to discover a plethora of Black Eyed Susan flowers blooming healthily in fields as well as on roadsides all over North America.

lots of black eyed susan flowers blooming healthily

Its golden yellow daisy flowers are almost universally loved but the Black Eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta) is often thought of as a weed rather than a garden plant.

However, if you’re looking to add more wildflowers and native plants to your landscape, Black Eyed Susan should be at the top of your list of candidates

Whether your idea of the perfect garden is a meadow of wildflowers and grasses, or an old fashioned formal flower border, Black Eyed Susan flowers will be right at home in your landscape.

Wild types of Rudbeckia are perfect for natural gardens and are easy to grow from seed. Newer varieties with larger flowers in a wide variety of warm colors will perform beautifully alongside the perennials and annuals in your existing sunny flower garden.

You can even find (more…)

How to Make Your Poinsettia Bloom Mega Beautifully

The poinsettia is best known for its beauty at Christmas time. Most people throw them away after Christmas, when they start dropping leaves and appearing ill thinking there is no chance of blooming again.

With a little know-how, your poinsettia can bloom year after year. The traditional poinsettia was red, white poinsettias later became available.

Currently, there are over 100 varieties of poinsettias with special designs and colors ranging in shades of red, white, pink, light green, variegated, dotted, and marbled.

incredibly striking poinsettia plants

Have you ever received a unique poinsettia and wished that (more…)

Recommended Climbing Plants for Shady Walls and Fences

Don’t be put off by shady walls and fences. There are more climbing plants and wall shrubs that enjoy partial or complete shade than there are those which like full sun.

sweet orange-colored climbing plant

Many climbers like honeysuckle are woodland plants which love having cool, moist but not waterlogged roots. In their natural homes they scramble up trees to find the sun, making them ideal for north and east facing aspects.

Vertical gardening takes up very little sideways space. In very small gardens where trees and shrubs cannot be grown, climbing plants are invaluable for (more…)