Preserving Food Grown From Your Veggie Garden

When growing your vegetable food garden, harvest months are about picking your food and preserving what you can for the winter. Different foods ripen at different times throughout the harvest season. Watch out for the weather! It’s a big factor on when you will harvest your food.

these harvested strawberries will be preserved

Preserving food can take away nutrients; you should supplement your diet with fresh food as much as possible along with preserved food in the winter months. Remember, you can (more…)

Some Matters Concerning Community Gardening

If you’re able to read this page, you, as am I, are very lucky. We have access to food from shops, education and healthcare. If we had been born many years ago, that may not have been the case. Unless you belonged to a moneyed family, having somewhere to grow your own food was not easy to come by.

a place to grow your own food

In Britain, following various movements and reforms to return some of the land to the laborers and other poverty stricken people, in order to try and reduce the taxes paid by the rich to subsidize the poor in the first efforts at a welfare system; the allotment system (in Britain, it is known as allotment garden or just allotment) was devised.

The first go occurred in (more…)

A Thrifty Yet Effective Way to Boost Your Gardening Products

An adjuvant is an agent that alters the effect of other agents. Surfactants are the adjuvants most used in the home garden.

Water is an essential element in gardening, but water often doesn’t stick or penetrate as well as needed. To get water, or anything mixed with water, to stick or penetrate more effectively, and save money on garden chemicals, adjuvants called surfactants must be added.

surfactants change the surface tension of water

What Kind of Adjuvants are Oil and Soap?

There are several different types of agricultural adjuvants. Oil and (more…)

Grow Your Own Produce and Be Pesticide-Free

I want to help you make good choices and encourage you to either grow your own food or buy organic produce. Not all produce is loaded with pesticide. Some commercially grown fruit and vegetables contain more pesticide than others.

I will give you a list of these items a little later.

If you would like to read a wealth of information about the impact of pesticide use, you can find scientific articles and answers to (more…)

How to Get Your Child Interested in Gardening

It’s important that children connect with their food, and a garden is the perfect way to foster that. To a gardener, the garden is a place of peace and tranquility. To a child, the garden is a place of wonder and discovery. Sometimes those two places crash when they meet.

a child keen on gardening

Gardening is a process to a child (digging in dirt, playing with water, watching for bugs), while the adult gardener may be (more…)