A Guide to Preparing Lawn for Gardening

Getting the Site Ready

lawn well prepared for gardening


This is a task which must be carried out thoroughly because a lawn is a permanent feature in a garden and poor ‘workmanship’ cannot be rectified easily later on. Sites will vary considerably from the virgin ground of new property, to a badly neglected site which is overgrown with weeds.

The first job is to (more…)

Pragmatic Recommendations for Your Lawn Care Maintenance

A good time for lawn care maintenance is during late summer and early fall. Some lawn care maintenance practices will help you maintain a vibrant lawn, or bring back a lawn that has started to decline. Some of these practices will most likely include de-thatching, weed control, aeration, mowing, fertilization, and re-seeding.

That layer of plant material that is living or dead, that lays between the green foliage of your lawn and the surface of the soil is called thatch. When this material becomes more (more…)