Indoor Plants That Clean The Air And Remove Toxins

So by now most of you know that the air inside your home can—perhaps very much likely—has at least three times the toxicity compared to the air outside your home. It could even be worse if you reside in the city. So what do we do?

Well, you can buy the expensive air filters, and I am not opposed to them at all, but be sure you get what you paid for and be sure to research the filter replacement costs.


How To Choose The Healthiest Poinsettia Plant Possible

Walk into almost any store between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you will see rows of beautiful poinsettias. From a distance, the deep red poinsettias look like velvet.

They seem to be calling out, “Yes, I am real! Come touch me!” When purchased within a week of their arrival, any plant that looks nice is probably healthy and will last for weeks beyond Christmas.

extraordinarily healthy poinsettia plants

However, each passing day presents a challenge for the poinsettia to maintain good health, especially in stores that do not have a regular floral department.


The 101 On Indoor Plant Care

We all want healthy and vibrant looking houseplants, and that is not hard to achieve as long as we cover a number of key elements such as soil prep work, setting the proper room conditions, and picking out the proper pot. And speaking of room conditions, the specifics that you need work out are humidity, light, and insect control.


Discussing Lipstick, Prayer, Snake, and Zebra Houseplants

Lipstick Plant

When given proper care, a Lipstick plant rewards its master with blooms that are unique in each stage of its development. Its flowers, hanging off its stems are bright red and tubular.

The blooms are a constant feat of the plant all year long. The name of the plant was derived from the way its flowers look—open tubes resembling a lipstick.

Aeschynanthus, the genus where lipstick plant belongs to, is also known as the Basket vine because of its trailing stems which are best suited for hanging baskets.

hanging lipstick plant

Native to the damp forest of Asia, the Aeschynanthus has more than 170 species. Many of them are (more…)

Caring For Your Precious Houseplants

Foliage and flowering house plants are now so well known, that they need little introduction. Their popularity has increased enormously over the years since they were introduced about sixty years ago.

Flowering pot plants, of course, have been with us for a far longer period, but foliage house plants with their many varieties, still seem modern and new mainly due to the wide range of choice.

a few well grown calamondin oranges
Citrus mitis, the calamondin orange.

New introductions keep coming out, and many old plants are being revived that have almost been lost to commercial cultivation. In Victorian times, there were (more…)