Discussing Lipstick, Prayer, Snake, and Zebra Houseplants

Lipstick Plant

When given proper care, a Lipstick plant rewards its master with blooms that are unique in each stage of its development. Its flowers, hanging off its stems are bright red and tubular.

The blooms are a constant feat of the plant all year long. The name of the plant was derived from the way its flowers look—open tubes resembling a lipstick.

Aeschynanthus, the genus where lipstick plant belongs to, is also known as the Basket vine because of its trailing stems which are best suited for hanging baskets.

hanging lipstick plant

Native to the damp forest of Asia, the Aeschynanthus has more than 170 species. Many of them are (more…)

Caring For Your Precious Houseplants

Foliage and flowering house plants are now so well known, that they need little introduction. Their popularity has increased enormously over the years since they were introduced about sixty years ago.

Flowering pot plants, of course, have been with us for a far longer period, but foliage house plants with their many varieties, still seem modern and new mainly due to the wide range of choice.

a few well grown calamondin oranges
Citrus mitis, the calamondin orange.

New introductions keep coming out, and many old plants are being revived that have almost been lost to commercial cultivation. In Victorian times, there were (more…)

How to Make Your Poinsettia Bloom Mega Beautifully

The poinsettia is best known for its beauty at Christmas time. Most people throw them away after Christmas, when they start dropping leaves and appearing ill thinking there is no chance of blooming again.

With a little know-how, your poinsettia can bloom year after year. The traditional poinsettia was red, white poinsettias later became available.

Currently, there are over 100 varieties of poinsettias with special designs and colors ranging in shades of red, white, pink, light green, variegated, dotted, and marbled.

incredibly striking poinsettia plants

Have you ever received a unique poinsettia and wished that (more…)

List of 24 Houseplants That Can Be Grown in Bottles

1) Aphelandra

The Aphelandra comes from the Acanthaceae family and is well-known to plant lovers and very popular. It has a spike of yellow green bracts from which small yellow flowers emerge, and also has attractive leaves of deep green with shiny ivory colored veins.

such a flawless aphelandra

The flowers last for quite a time and then fall. Starting from the base of the spike, and working up to the tip. When the flowers have gone, the bracts are left and remain decorative for a long time.

When the spike is finished, it should be (more…)

How to Start a Perennial Garden

Planning and Planting a Border

The width of a border determines the height of plants which should be used. As a rough guide, half the width of the border should equal the height of the tallest plants. A good width for a border is 3-3.5m/10-12ft, with plants from 30cm/12in to 150cm/5ft tall.

Planting in drifts will give a note of informality, and it is worth remembering that (more…)

How to Grow Vivacious Caladiums Indoors and Outdoors

Caladium bulbs (Caladium bicolor) are colorful easy to grow tropical natives that will brighten shaded areas of the garden. The beautiful shield shaped leaves of bright red, pink, and gleaming white with green or red veins or splotches have made caladiums a shade garden favorite for over a century.

red caladiums

Caladiums are native to the Amazon basin of South America, mainly Brazil and are at home in shaded woodlands and creek banks. Almost all caladiums sold in (more…)