Blabbing A Bit about Greenhouse Fruit Growing

At one time, it was customary in large gardens to maintain an orchard house. This was usually a structure in which, fruit trees were grown either with or without heat.

The trees were planted out in borders or grown in pots. In fact, they were often grown by both methods, since then every part of the orchard house could be fully occupied in the production of fruit.

Today things are different and apart from grape vines, it is doubtful whether any gardener would (more…)

Selecting the Right Site for Constructing a Greenhouse

The site for a greenhouse should always be as open and sunny as possible. All plants must have adequate light and it is easy enough to shade when required. Plenty of sun means free heating and even in winter a little sun filtering through, the clouds will shoot up the greenhouse temperature.

greenhouse site

However, many popular (more…)

A Basic Guide on Growing Plants in Greenhouses

What can be grown in a greenhouse depends largely on the temperature that can be maintained. Instead of having an empty greenhouse after the autumn crops are over, use it for growing tasty winter salads. The best place for these is in the border and in many cases it is possible to move the staging to make more room.

crops being grown in a greenhouse

Since light is important, a house with glass almost to ground level is particularly suitable. Good ventilation is essential especially during periods of mild weather. In smaller houses with (more…)