Greenhouse Growing: Tomatoes and Chrysanthemums

tomatoes that were grown in the greenhouse

Greenhouse Tomato Growing Tips

The tomato is undoubtedly the most popular of all greenhouse food crops, and very few home greenhouses are without them. However, a common mistake is to grow them in the ground sod of the greenhouse.

This is all right when the house is plastic and can be moved to a different spot on the vegetable garden each year, but not when the house is permanent and the same soil has to be continuously cropped. This is because the tomato soon suffers from ‘soil sickness’.


7 Attractive Aquatic Plants to Grow In the Greenhouse

The aquatics are just the thing for lending a distinctive character to a greenhouse or a conservatory** if you build a small indoor pool.

This is easily done nowadays if you use a little artistic imagination with the help of plastics, and with care and the use of easily handled materials such as hypertufa (which has the appearance of natural-stone, but is lightweight and easily lifted).

greenhouse aquatic plant

Very natural-looking pools can be devised, complete with tinkling fountain and even fish. There are some especially delightful exotic aquatics such as tropical Nymphaea (water lilies), bur owing to the high temperatures they demand I have omitted them for practical reasons.


Gardening in a Greenhouse – 5 Things To Be Mindful About

A small greenhouse, even if heated, can be an extremely valuable ‘tool’ in the cultivation of the outdoor garden. Indeed, it can have a quite dramatic effect in its improvement.

1) Bedding Plants

A small greenhouse, or even some frames, can very quickly return the initial expenditure if they are used for raising bedding plants alone, although many other year-round uses can be found too.

a small, simple greenhouse

Most bedding plants can be (more…)

Blabbing A Bit about Greenhouse Fruit Growing

At one time, it was customary in large gardens to maintain an orchard house. This was usually a structure in which, fruit trees were grown either with or without heat.

The trees were planted out in borders or grown in pots. In fact, they were often grown by both methods, since then every part of the orchard house could be fully occupied in the production of fruit.

Today things are different and apart from grape vines, it is doubtful whether any gardener would (more…)