Bring Some Shapes Into Your Garden Landscape

On the internet, one can easily find countless images of shrubs that have been masterfully cut and trimmed to resemble all sorts of shapes including animals, spheres, and even human figures. These are what you call topiaries and a person who does them for a living is kFnown as topiarist.

What do you call a NON-PERSON that makes topiaries? (more…)

Achieving the Look And Feel of a Tropical Garden

Are you interested in putting together a garden design that relies heavily on the use of tropical plants? Might it be your interest in implementing said design is because, you wish to capture the feeling of being in a warm foreign land that’s blessed with cozy sunny days?

In other words, you want these qualities to represent your garden, and not just because you want to have some specific tropical garden plants? Well, this allows for the use of plants with a Mediterranean feel to be incorporated as well as the tropical plants.

garden filled with various tropical plants

The look and feel of tropical garden plants creates quite a (more…)

What Things to Consider When Designing an Herb Garden?

The beauty of gardening with herbs is that they don’t need a garden all of their own. They don’t even need a section of garden to themselves. In fact, they don’t need a garden at all—you can grow them in the house!

However, when it comes to designing an herb garden, there are some points you will need to bear in mind before you start.

The most important design decision is where you’re going to site your herb garden. Herbs need sun, and it needs to be at least four hours of good sun a day, but preferably six.

parsley plant enjoying some sunshine

So you need to (more…)

Throwing Some Ideas for Putting Together a Small Garden

As houses tend to be packed closer and closer together and more people are living in town houses and apartment blocks, it seems to be only natural that the outdoor space that goes with these properties shrinks as well.

The peace and tranquility that comes with having access to some outside space means that it’s important for us all to make the very most of it, and we need to be creative when coming up with ideas for making small gardens.

a truly stunning looking small garden

It would be easy for your heart to sink at (more…)

Creating a Small Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are often attracted to a butterfly garden for two reasons: Food in the form of flower nectar, and the proper conditions in a garden that butterflies need to live and reproduce.

Good examples of these proper conditions include puddles or moist areas that butterflies use to get nutrients, sheltered, sunny spots to bask in, and host plants that the butterflies can lay their eggs on.

a bunch of butterflies congregating

Butterflies can be very (more…)

Hedge Planting Guide

From earliest times when man first settled in communities he realized the need for privacy and shelter. To achieve this requirement he built stone partitions or walls to separate him from his neighbors.

Today the basic reasons for planting a hedge remain very much the same. A sense of privacy within our own home and garden is something to treasure, an escape or perhaps a hideaway from the pressures of modern life.

Hedges therefore provide a certain degree of seclusion from other people. In addition, they (more…)

Ideas for Creating a Fairy Garden

Creating a proper fairy garden for your children is both rewarding and healthy, and will even encourage your children to show an interest in gardening themselves!

I’ve been into fairies since I was little, and I discovered that there was more to creating a fairy garden than simply putting out a few statues and wildflowers. To add some authenticity to garden, you’ll need to know which flowers and trees (more…)