Mix In Some Ornamental Grasses Into Your Landscaping Plans

It doesn’t matter whether the climate is wetter or arid, ornamental grasses are useful in both. In fact, certain types of ornamental grasses can adapt and flourish effectively in either warmer climates or cooler seasons.

I will address those a little later on this page. As matter of fact I will be receiving shortly some ornamental grasses from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery. You might want to view the pictures below, and maybe check online to see all the kinds of grasses that are available.

The Purpurascens, which looks beautiful, will have to be searched by stock #09044 since I could not find it in the grass division.


Unveiling the Japanese Garden

Japanese gardening has a culture all of its own, with the goal of producing gardens that look like outdoor scenery, complete with rock formations, trees, smaller shrubs, water features and changes in level arranged in an artistic manner.

There is a major emphasis in Japanese gardening on the religious and cultural attitudes of Zen and Shinto, and this is perhaps why Japanese gardens have a calming and meditative effect on the spirit. Japanese gardening is nothing like gardening in other countries, and many people suggest that it is an excellent aid to contemplation and reflection.


Meditation Garden: Take A Step Back From This Busy World

We all need a space, somewhere we can step out our daily routine and be still. The world we have built is a noisy, crowded place. The sense of urgency and the need for speed can infect us even if we live in a small community.

To handle the pressures that surround us, the messages that almost drown us, we have to have an escape; a healthy escape where we can renew. Gardening itself can be a meditative activity but there are times when something more is required.


A Little Advice On Pruning Garden Shrubs

So much of what makes a garden look cared for, is the attention that goes into looking after the overall structure of the planting design and then the plants, generally shrubs, that make up the planting design.

Plants, by the very nature that they constantly grow and change shape and density, need seasonal adjustment to keep them in check. Pruning shrubs is the most effective way of containing excess growth, and maintain good condition.


Create Your Own Colorful Butterfly Garden

There is something exciting about inviting two of the most beautiful winged creatures to the garden. A slow, dainty butterfly garden plan can establish a stark contrast to the flighty hummingbird bird but is a beautiful contrast nonetheless.

this butterfly is a truly beautiful winged creature

It is even more fortunate then that steps to attract theses species lead to a colorful, planted garden too. Hummingbirds can of course be (more…)