Bring Some Shapes Into Your Garden Landscape

On the internet, one can easily find countless images of shrubs that have been masterfully cut and trimmed to resemble all sorts of shapes including animals, spheres, and even human figures. These are what you call topiaries and a person who does them for a living is kFnown as topiarist.

What do you call a NON-PERSON that makes topiaries? (more…)

These Herb Plants Will Make Your Garden Look Mind-Blowing

Although most people grow herbs for a purely utilitarian purpose, there are others who grow them simply because they are fascinated by the plants.

Certainly once you delve into their histories you are inclined to view them all with a more knowing eye, and you are likely to give garden room to any that can claim the historical fame of having once been useful if only to the Borgias.

For instance, on my herb bank grows an ever—though slowly—increasing colony of evergreen alkanet.

All the plants have been produced by one poor (more…)

What’s the Deal with Silk Flowers?

If you’re looking to buy silk flowers, orchids, and plants, you have many choices as far as quality, style, and availability are concerned.

If you’re looking for silk flowers for a wedding, or just looking for the best prices for silk flowers, here’s some information that may help you out.

But first, a brief history on silk flowers…

Silk plants started off being made from crepe paper. Although beautiful in their own right, they weren’t really made to last that long. Then came the silk plants made of foam sheets.

Although able to hold color longer than crepe flowers, their appearance was less appealing. After them came the terrible plastic flowers, which looked (more…)

What Are the Benefits of Teak Wood Garden Furniture?

Furniture made out of teak wood has become more and more popular plus it will last a very long time. Teak garden furniture is also beautiful, very sturdy and holds up very well during all kinds of weather.

Outdoor patio furniture can be constructed of a number of different materials such as plastic, wicker, wrought iron, cast aluminum, several types of wood and resin patio furniture.

Now let’s look at wooden patio furniture; some woods are much stronger than others while some do not handle climate and temperature changes very well.

Some of the hardwoods that make excellent outdoor garden furniture are (more…)

Hedge Planting Guide

From earliest times when man first settled in communities he realized the need for privacy and shelter. To achieve this requirement he built stone partitions or walls to separate him from his neighbors.

Today the basic reasons for planting a hedge remain very much the same. A sense of privacy within our own home and garden is something to treasure, an escape or perhaps a hideaway from the pressures of modern life.

Hedges therefore provide a certain degree of seclusion from other people. In addition, they (more…)

Dog Garden Statues (Keep Them Burglars Away!)

Several months ago I was real busy working on my garden making sure everything look tip-top. Old leaves and debris were all over the place so they had to be cleaned up; compost pile had to be maintained, weeding plus other tedious but kind of fun garden maintenance stuff.

dog garden statues

As I was cleaning up some garden vegetable beds and adding several new plants, I suddenly realized that my garden would look so much better if I (more…)

Lack the Space to Garden? Use Some Pots Then!

In today’s world of asphalt and cement, the backyard or front yard garden has become a rarity. The space for gardens has been appropriated as either a parking lot for the family vehicle, or as paved paths that make it impossible for plants to thrive.

In some places where space is at a premium, such as in cities, the houses and buildings are put so close together that all you ever see is an expanse of grey. There is no sight of any (more…)