Elevating the Ambiance of Your Garden With Proper Lighting

Gardening is a very popular hobby. It is so enjoyable and is an excellent way to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. For anyone who enjoys gardening and who wants to showcase their hard work in the best light possible, proper lighting for the garden is essential.

There are some great options for lighting in the garden. First you need to decide what the main use for the lighting is. Is your goal to show your garden off and let people see how beautiful it is?


Mix In Some Ornamental Grasses Into Your Landscaping Plans

It doesn’t matter whether the climate is wetter or arid, ornamental grasses are useful in both. In fact, certain types of ornamental grasses can adapt and flourish effectively in either warmer climates or cooler seasons.

I will address those a little later on this page. As matter of fact I will be receiving shortly some ornamental grasses from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery. You might want to view the pictures below, and maybe check online to see all the kinds of grasses that are available.

The Purpurascens, which looks beautiful, will have to be searched by stock #09044 since I could not find it in the grass division.


Bring Character To Your Garden With The Right Decor

Your garden is what will welcome your visitors. It is what sets your house apart from the rest of the neighbors. It is often a place of refuge when you want some serenity. It will become part of your kids’ childhood.

It can even be part of your family’s celebration. These are some of the reasons why people invest a good sum of money, and long hours of hard work in landscaping their garden.


Origins of Garden Gnomes and Reasons to Get One

You’re familiar with the concept—about one foot tall, often male, and quaintly dressed in peasant clothes with a pointy hat. This is the typical garden gnome: protector and nurturer of the garden.

a pretty rude garden gnome!

But where did gnomes originate from? How did they manage to appear in so many gardens all around the globe…and become the mascot for a travel and internet based company? Surprisingly, these little garden inhabitants originated in the not so distant past…


7 Things To Think About When Selecting A Garden Urn

Garden urns are great for creating a focal point in your garden. They translate a classic style to any type of garden boasting any variety of plants. They can be used to accomplish this with or without flowers. If you do not plan to put flowers into your garden urn, then you can choose one that is more ornate and has a beautiful design to it.