A Handful of Tidbits on Peanut Plant

Did you know the peanut plant is over 7600 years old? Evidence has been found that they originated in Peru. The spread of the peanut across the globe is attributed to the European who traveled extensively in their trading.

Native to Central America, South America and Mexico, the peanut plant grows to about one and a half feet in height.

How Do Peanuts Grow?

This plant develops flowers which form in clusters and the flowers shrivel. The stalk lengthens and turns towards the ground burying the pods which have formed.

peanuts being harvested

When the peanut seed has ripened, the seed coat will turn to a reddish brown. The plant is then harvested. The whole plant is usually (more…)

A Guide for Growing Blueberries from Cuttings

Blueberries are one of the most popular fruits. Not only do they have an appealing flavor, they are full of important nutrients.

a box loaded with blueberries

New plants can be rooted from cuttings. Several methods are used to propagate blueberry plants.

The method discussed here applies to dormant hardwood cutting taken in midwinter. Hardwood cuttings are easier to handle and less perishable than softwood cuttings.

This method has proven to (more…)

How to Grow Grapes in Your Backyard

If you really want to learn how grow grapes in your backyard, you must first appease the Gods by offering them stupendously juicy grapes which can be found at the farmer’s market.

Once the Gods’ tummies are full, you will receive their blessings and only then, will you be able to comprehend and execute the grape growing techniques that are available in this world.

how to grow grapes in your backyard

So what are you waiting for? You want to know how to grow grapes at home, right? Get going to the (more…)

Some Tips for Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden

Although raspberries are not really fussy about their growing conditions, they give best results in a fairly rich medium-heavy soil containing plenty of humus. This encourages the development of many fibrous roots and strong canes which carry heavy crops of fruit.

Newly planted canes should be cut down to a bud 8 to 10 inches above soil level in early April. The remaining buds will produce a few fruiting shoots, but the effect of hard pruning is to induce one or two stout canes for cropping the following season.

Newly planted (more…)

A Guide to Growing an Abundant Of Sweet Strawberries

The typical way of growing strawberries is from transplants of known varieties with excellent growth records. The strawberry is not strictly a fruit but a member of the rose family.

a single delicious strawberry

It could be called the inside out fruit because its seeds grow on the outside. Strawberries were considered an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages and traditionally served with borage and cream in a soup to newlyweds for breakfast.

Recommended Strawberry Varieties

Tioga, Dover, and Douglas are successful varieties of strawberries in the South. In the Northern states, Allstar and Delmarvel are highly recommended for disease resistance and growing large berries.

Day neutral and ever bearing are (more…)

Banana Plant Growing Tips

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a growing banana .However, as long as you keep in mind a few basic growing factors, your tree should grow and prosper, yielding delicious fruit for your family to enjoy.

fully grown yummy bananas

The most important factor when growing a banana plant is to choose the location wisely. It is vital to grow your plant in an area that has plenty of heat and sun, because your banana will cease to grow fruit if you place it in an area with too much shade.

Secondly, you should (more…)

Watermelons Are Not Hard To Grow

Watermelons and learning how to grow them is not as difficult as some people think, they usually do all the work themselves. Those of you who live in the South will probably find it a little easier because watermelon prefer the warmer seasons. Learning to grow watermelon in the North just starts indoors first and gets transplanted when the soil is ready.

fully grown watermelon

There are some gardeners that do not want to (more…)