A Quick Guide To Growing 9 Well-Recognized Fruits

Fresh fruit from the garden is always tastier than that bought in shops. Plus with the price of fruit going up all the time, it makes sense to grow some of your own. However small your garden, there is nearly always room for a few plants—how about strawberry plants in a tub on the patio?

If you do have a small garden however, grow bushy varieties rather than tall ones—some apple and pear trees will crop heavily when grown in large pots. Do you have an unoccupied sunny wall? If so, you could grow peaches or apricots against it, although this may not be advisable in certain areas in the country.


How to Grow Healthy Tomatoes at Home

Growing tomatoes in the garden can be one of the most rewarding hobbies you’ll ever start, and that’s a guaranteed fact. Not only can it bring you the sense of fulfillment when you start seeing small bulbs within your very own plants, but also provide you with nourishing, tasty, tangy produce that will surely blow any commercially, artificially ripened tomatoes you’ll find in the market out of the water.


How To Grow Mouth-Watering Pears In Your Garden

Pears are a little more difficult than apples and if neglected, deteriorate more quickly but they repay good cultivation. Many varieties are self-sterile, so it is necessary to vow two or more different varieties for pollinating purposes—not always easy in a small garden.

Pears are not simply sweet. Edward Bunyard said the following:


A Handful of Tidbits on Peanut Plant

Did you know the peanut plant is over 7600 years old? Evidence has been found that they originated in Peru. The spread of the peanut across the globe is attributed to the European who traveled extensively in their trading.

Native to Central America, South America and Mexico, the peanut plant grows to about one and a half feet in height.

How Do Peanuts Grow?

This plant develops flowers which form in clusters and the flowers shrivel. The stalk lengthens and turns towards the ground burying the pods which have formed.

peanuts being harvested

When the peanut seed has ripened, the seed coat will turn to a reddish brown. The plant is then harvested. The whole plant is usually (more…)