Pests and Diseases to Look Out for In Your Bonsai Plants

Both pests and diseases tend to appear out of nowhere, and before you know it, your precious bonsai plants are all but annihilated. A bonsai grower’s worst tragedy and naturally, must be avoided at all cost.

To that end, it is imperative to be prepared on what to do should a bunch of disgusting pests or a disease come a-calling. The best approach to bonsai-annihilating pests and diseases is prevention.

preventing pests and diseases from destroying a bonsai plant

Daily care and constant examination of your plant will make it easier for you to avoid a bug or infestation. Naturally, a healthy bonsai will survive an occasional bug, but a few insects can rapidly turn into a pest outbreak that can do heavy damage to your bonsai.


Best Indoor Bonsai Trees for Beginners

best indoor bonsai tree for beginners

Where did bonsai come from? Now, before we go over some of the best indoor bonsai trees for beginners, let us briefly look at the history of Bonsai.

Relax, this history lesson won’t take long—I promise! Please just indulge me for a few seconds, okay guys?

Okay so, although bonsai trees are associated with Japan and Japanese culture, the Chinese were actually the first to miniaturize trees grown in containers. They did this in Penjing, around CE 200. The early focus of (more…)