Have you noticed that gardening shoes have started looking very fashionable and not just gray and black? Sometimes gardening shoes end up being your everyday shoes because you thought, you were just going to do one little thing in the garden.

You ended up spending more than an hour in the garden with decent shoes on that have now gotten ruined. Now is the time to look into some proper garden shoes that you do not have to worry about.

picking the right gardening shoes for the different gardening chores

Here are a few tips about shoes for working in the garden:

They should be easy to slip on and off, which guarantees you will put them on when you need them. They need to be made of rubber or some type of waterproof material, so you can run the garden hose over them to clean them.

They should be of solid, sturdy construction that is lightweight but not flimsy. You do not want to wear shoes with holes or flip-flops, because all the branches and thorns in the garden will be able to attack your feet and cause injury.

Another good thought about garden shoes is to choose brightly colored ones, or ones with a bright lively pattern. This way they will be easy to find when you want to work in the garden again. These are available as garden shoes and garden clogs.

Garden clogs are the type of shoes that are very easy to get into and out of. The colors are suitable for men and women, and the style that is made for backyard gardening consists of low cut backs to help eliminate blisters on the back of your feet.

Rubber clog type shoes are very easy to clean. All you do is pick up the garden hose and rinse off all the dirt, soil, and smelly fertilizers quickly.

There are top notch clogs that will offer some extra features, such as linings that lap up moisture to fungus and odor repellent qualities. The garden clog will not offer a lot of protection from yards that are overgrown, so you will probably need garden footwear that is much sturdier.

If the days gardening extends from the backyard to the patio area, you are going to need garden shoes to help prevent you from slipping and sliding on bricks, cement or ground cover. You need to find waterproof suede or waterproof leather shoes that are as easy to get on and off as the clog shoe.

Garden shoes that have soles that are non-slip are usually preferred by the senior gardener, because they do not want to stop gardening because they are afraid of falling and breaking a bone.

If you are doing a comparison of styles and brands, always appraise the shoes by how they are constructed. Always select those with excellent bonding features, such as the rubber soles that are fused so tight that water will not be able to penetrate into the shoe.

If you prefer to have protection and comfort instead of the attractive colorful garden shoe, choose the waterproof boots because you will not find any other footwear for plodding through rows of flowers and vegetables that are soaked with rain.

Most of these boots are made of a rubber that will resist many water and soil conditions along with grass stains. If you select the boots that have a soft lining, your feet will be much more comfortable while you wear them.

If you have some heavy-duty landscaping work the boot is a better choice. When you are finished with your landscaping and gardening chores, you just need to hose the boots down and towel dry them in order to remove any excess water and then let them air dry.

You will most likely pay more for good gardening boots than for garden shoes and clogs. You just need to remember to purchase the right type of shoes for the different gardening chores that need to be done.

Clogs are used mainly for general vegetable harvesting and some hand watering, garden shoes will offer more protection against branches and garden debris, and gardening boots for heavier chores and chores that need to be done when the ground is wet and muddy.

There are several kinds of garden shoes for women on the market along with different styles. Sometimes a gardening clog may look very comfortable until you start wearing it.

You need to make sure the shoe is not too tight or too loose when you purchase them. Another point to remember is to be sure whatever shoes you purchase are waterproof. One way or another, you are going to be around water when gardening.

Even though some garden shoes have open backs, others can be ankle high or knee high boots that will not only protect you, but your clothing from chemicals, fertilizers, and mud. Some of the best garden shoes are made of rubber, so they can provide you with comfort and flexibility while working in the garden.

Whether you are a man or a woman who needs to dig in the garden or just do some clean-up around the yard, you need to choose the right gardening shoes for the task.