Your garden is what will welcome your visitors. It is what sets your house apart from the rest of the neighbors. It is often a place of refuge when you want some serenity. It will become part of your kids’ childhood.

It can even be part of your family’s celebration. These are some of the reasons why people invest a good sum of money, and long hours of hard work in landscaping their garden.

a garden looking much better with a couple of decor pieces

Aside from growing plants, decorating the garden is a creative hobby that can give you a sense of fulfillment. Choosing different garden decorations that can transform a portion of your property into a themed garden is often a lifetime endeavor—from planning where each piece should go, to the constant modification.

The garden decorations that you will incorporate on the landscape bring character to your home. Each one of them reflects your personality, more than what your actual theme is.

For example, a gnome in the garden will give an impression of a traditional or elderly gardener in the house, dog garden statues will likely be the choice of a dog lover, while flamboyant garden decorations will be likely selected by carefree environmentalists.

The flowers that you grow in your garden are not enough to bring charm to your home. Decorations are needed to accentuate your plants. These garden decorations add charm to your front yard; making it easier for people to remember where you live and making your house more pleasant to look at.

There are a lot of things to consider in buying garden decorations. For one, you have to be sure that the decor will go well with your planned theme for your garden.

Second, it should be made to last for years; thus, the paint should be UV protected and metals and iron should be rust-proof. Third, it should be stable enough to withstand strong winds.

Lastly, you should always consider your family’s safety first. Meaning, it should not cause your kids to trip over and it should not be an accident waiting to happen.

Gardening is good for the environment; therefore, your decors should be environmentally friendly as well. Avoid materials that may cause damage to nature or that may be too taxing to nature.

For example, choose a solar lamp post instead. It will require less energy to run and it automatically turns on and off. Bird feeders are also helpful in pollinating your flowers, and it requires less time and money to maintain.

The decorations that you put in your garden should not overshadow your flowers and plants. Instead, they should just be there to give accent to them.

So, do not choose decors that are too loud. Always remember that they are just for decoration, so they shouldn’t take too much of your time from your gardening.

Just imagine the satisfaction that you can get from the admiring eyes of your visitors, as they pass through your garden on their way to your front door; or the compliments that you will get from your neighbors because of your garden. So, enhance your garden with beautiful garden decor.

Get Comfy In Your Garden With The Right Garden Decor Furniture

Gardens aren’t just for looking at. They’re a site to be experienced, a site to be enjoyed! Many peoples design their gardens with this in mind. One way this is done is to blend brick or stone paths around the garden, encouraging people to explore the different plants and flowers up close.

These paths are beautiful in and of themselves, usually made up of either individual bricks or large, circular stones placed into gravel. Taking this idea one step further: why just walk around? Why not stop and stay for a while?

And thus, the idea of garden furniture was born!

Instead of the stone pathway simple taking you on a small tour of the garden, consider having it lead to a central area where you could place a small bench, such as an iron wrought bench. This encourages people to see the garden not just as a visual or olfactory (smell) experience, but an overall sensory experience that they are a part of.

a stone garden bench

In a spot where you’d place a sitting bench or other furniture, consider adding other pieces of garden decor to flair up the area. For example, people are drawn to the sound of water.

This is why water fountains are so prized in the garden. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the stone pathway naturally leads to the bench which is within earshot or even arm’s length of a water fountain? Talk about a great place to read a book!

If you like the idea of reading in your garden, or just providing a place where folks can relax outdoors in the midst of the garden itself, consider upping the ante and placing an entire table set in the garden. Now, obviously the garden needs to be decent sized for this not to overpower the garden itself.

But if your design can accommodate a table and 2-3 chairs, a table set in the garden can look wonderful. Not only that, but its presence can solidify the garden as an extension of the home, and even as a social hub, if your friends are of the right crowd – i.e. those who appreciate a beautiful garden and the outdoors!

There are a few different types of table sets designed for the garden specifically. Broadly speaking, tables (and other garden furniture items) can be divided into two types.

The first is made of wood that is specially treated to be outdoors, and as such, can withstand reasonable weather conditions. (But you wouldn’t necessarily want to leave it outdoors all year round!) The other is furniture made of metal, such as iron pieces.

Outdoor metal tables and chairs are very sturdy and long lasting. One issue though is the lack of padding on such furniture; to get around this, you can usually buy pillows and other padding for these chairs, but it’s not a good idea to leave them outside all the time, or else rain and whatnot will slowly ruin them.

Consider using some kind of trunk or outdoor storage item that can be blended into the garden as a piece of decor, and then storing all padding for the furniture inside it!

The prominent use of garden furniture takes a large garden and even a decent amount of money to implement. For the average sized garden, many consider the addition of just a simple bench to be enough for their purposes. However you do it, your friends and family – and let’s not forget, you yourself! – will certainly appreciate having a place to sit and enjoy the garden from within the garden itself.

Garden Clocks As Garden Decor Pieces

A garden clock can certainly lend a unique appearance as well as character to your garden. They come in an assortment of shapes and designs, and some look really out there—like they belong in a fantasy flick or an Enid Blyton story.

Whether you are looking to spruce up your garden space, or you want to have one placed within your patio area, you should be able to find one or two that fit the look of your garden.

That is one aspect that you really want to think about when buying an outdoor garden clock. You want to make sure that it has the decorative appearance that matches your garden theme or design.

Again, there are a lot of great designs to choose from, so you will likely never have to worry about not finding one that you like. Some clocks come with nifty features. For instance, there is the garden clock thermometer which will come in handy during the summer months when it is hot outside.

Such feature can be useful. Occasionally, you might feel a little curious and would like to know what the temperature is and how hot it is outside. Either way, you will be able to get the temperature, and the benefit of the decorative look that a garden clock thermometer can provide you with.

If you are going to use the clock on your patio, then you will want to take a look at garden wall clocks. There are a lot of different ones that will look great on your patio wall and will also be a perfect fit for your garden.

an elegant wall garden clock

It is also convenient to have a very large clock around your patio area, so that you will be able to easily and clearly tell what the current time is instead of going into the house to find out.

Sure, you can use a watch but with a nicely designed and big garden clock, you are not only making your garden look cool, pretty and unique, you will also be able to tell the time from a far distance away while you are watering your plants. Now that is very useful for this somewhat older woman!

You should be able to find large metal clocks or large stone clocks that are perfect for decorating the patio or the garden area.