If you own a garden with hedges, then you must also own at least one working hedge trimmer. Without one, clipping hedges will be a tremendous chore.

Therefore, in our commitment to ensure you’re able to clip those hedges quickly and efficiently, we present to you 11 of the best hedge trimmers on the market.

best hedge trimmers

Quick reminder: Before you put your cash down on a brand new hedge trimmer, you should check out the size of your garden hedge that requires trimming. These days, there are plenty of hedge trimmer models in various sizes, so you want to make sure that you obtain the right one.

Best Hedge Trimmers of 2020

1) Makita XHU02M1 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer Kit (4.0Ah)


We’ve always been a Makita fan, and we’ve bought a number of their tools over the years including a cordless hammer drill, a blower, an angle grinder, even an electric chainsaw. They are all winners.

The XHU02M1 is also a winner. When it comes to cordless hedge trimmers, this is clearly one of the premier ones. It is one heck of a sharp hedge trimmer powered by a very reliable though pricey 18V LXT 4.0Ah battery.

To fully charge the battery takes approximately 20 minutes and the tool will run for over an hour if you put it on the lowest setting. Of course in most cases, you would use a higher setting and for that, a single charge may last anywhere between 35 to 45 minutes.

Not long enough? Well, for us, it’s a pretty respectable duration considering how sharp the 22-inch blade is (cover included), not to forget the lightness of the tool.

It’s very sharp and it’s light, so depending on the size of your garden, you’d probably get those hedges trimmed, neat and clean before the next recharge is in order.

We especially enjoyed the blade’s sharpness, which allowed us to clip and trim large and tall hedges very quickly. Weighing in at around seven and a half pounds, it’s really not that heavy and your arms will thank you for that.

As far as cutting power goes, although reliable, it is still rather limited. No surprise there because after all, we are talking about a cordless hedge trimmer.

It won’t be able to cut some of those very thick branches. For the thicker ones though, it does a decent job at shaping them. However, the sharpness of the blade is simply perfect for cutting smaller limbs and little branches.

Cutting through all the woody elements that are around 3/8” in thickness should be a complete cinch, but it will struggle against the 1/2” thick ones. Still, for a cordless model, its cutting strength is really quite considerable.

If you want something that cuts substantially thicker woody branches like a sushi knife through salmon, then you might want to get a gas-powered hedge trimmer, or perhaps a chainsaw would be a much better option.

Sure, cordless tools are often weaker, but one of the primary advantages is that they don’t have pesky cords getting in the way and annoying the crap out of you.

Dragging a cord around a large garden with the extension and everything is just high-level annoyance. Also, cordless models typically run much quieter than their gas- and electric-powered counterparts.

The Makita XHU02M1 trimmer’s power may be disappointing for those who are used to gasoline hedge trimmers, but folks who prefer cordless models at the slight expense of power will appreciate every bit of this wonderfully made piece of machinery.


• Good cutting power for a cordless model
• Lightweight and easy to use
• Runs smoothly and not particularly loud
• Good battery power
• Battery doesn’t take long to charge


Cutting power might not be up to scratch for some
Battery is very expensive

2) BLACK+DECKER LHT341FF 40V MAX Lithium POWERCOMMAND Powercut Hedge Trimmer, 24″


The LHT341FF is more than just another good gardening and lawn care tool by BLACK+DECKER—it’s honestly one of the best hedge trimmers we’ve ever used.

Like the Makita XHU02M1, you get all the awesomeness of a well-built cordless hedge trimmer including outstanding power (for a cordless tool), ease of use, plus battery life that seems to go on and on as if there’s no tomorrow.

A highly reliable 40V Max lithium battery is included along with a charger. So what is there not to like about this tool?

Well, for one thing, it doesn’t come with a blade cover. That’s about the only issue we have with the product. Otherwise, this is one heck of a hedge trimmer.

The 24-inch blade is amazingly sharp and the tool’s power is superb. You won’t have any problems cutting away those bushes, shrubs and hedges in your garden.

Branches can be cut up too, but they should be no thicker than say, 3/4 inches. The POWERCUT feature offers a decent boost in cutting power, and is immensely satisfying to use when it comes to clearing out jams due to some of those thick branches getting in the way.

All that cutting power would be near useless if the battery life is horrible, but fortunately for us (and for the company too, otherwise this product would’ve received loads of customer complaints!), the trimmer’s 40V Max lithium battery has incredible life.

The time it takes to charge it at full capacity would be roughly half an hour or so. Then the tool can keep going at it, trimming those branches, bushes and hedges for approximately one hour.

Not bad right? You can get a lot done in one hour so we think the running time per charge is really, really respectable. And let’s not forget the nifty POWERCUT feature which helps you get the job done faster.

Unlike the Makita XHU02M1, this trimmer can be utilized with one hand once you get it to run, though for safety, it’s advisable that you operate the tool with both hands.

It’s easy to move the trimmer around, especially with both hands because it only weighs roughly 7 pounds. Without a doubt, the LHT341FF is one of the best cordless hedge trimmers out there.


• The blade is incredibly sharp and it’s lengthy
• Top-notch power for a cordless trimmer
• Added cutting power in the form of POWERCUT feature
• Impressive battery life
• Lightweight and very easy to handle with two hands


• No blade cover

3) Remington RM5124TH Dual Action 5 Amp 24-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer with Titanium Blades

(Update: Currently out of stock)


If you dislike recharging batteries and prefer a corded hedge trimmer with decent cutting power at an affordable price, then the 5-AMP Remington RM5124TH is for you.

This good enough trimmer features a swivel handle which rotates 180 degrees—very helpful if there are vertical clippings to be done.

The cutting power is not bad for a 120V AC motor hedge trimmer. It’s packed with enough force to cut shrubs, bushes, and the like. Don’t forget, you’ll need a heavy-duty extension cord to run this thing.

As far as cutting hedge branches goes, well, it doesn’t have enough power to beat the 3/4 inch ones. It however, makes light work of branches that are 5/8 in thickness.

Aiding you in your mission to trim your garden hedges is a blade that’s sharp and measures 24 inches in length. The blade is quality but sadly other parts of the tool look a little cheap. Apart from the bar, near everything else is constructed of plastic.

Based on the photo and the fact that most parts are made out of plastic, the RM5124TH may appear lightweight, but it’s surprisingly quite heavy.

It weighs about 10 pounds so folks with strong arms should be able to operate for an extended period of time, but others might experience sore arms fairly quickly.

The handle isn’t all that comfy either. After testing out the tool for about 10 minutes, we felt that the grip is a little off— it just didn’t feel good in our hands.

The RM5124TH sure has its share of problems, but for an inexpensive electric-driven hedge trimmer that works quite well, it’s difficult to resist.


• Convenient 180-degree swivel handle
• Good enough cutting power for the price
• Sharp and lengthy blade
• Affordably priced


• A little on the heavy side
• The grip doesn’t feel that comfortable
• Cheap plastic appearance

4) Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 40V 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit


One of the most solid tools in Troy-Bilt’s stable of outdoor power equipment offerings, the TB4400 is a 22-inch hedge trimmer with first-rate cutting ability.

It’s very easy to operate. Once you’ve charged the battery to full capacity, just insert it into the battery port and then can you start up the trimmer via the throttle control trigger.

The throttle control is highly responsive and to ensure safety (starting up the trimmer by accident), there’s a lockout trigger on the throttle control itself.

So how it works is if you don’t the hold lockout trigger before pressing the throttle control trigger, the tool will not be able to start. It’s always nice to have that kind of safety feature.

What’s really not nice is the fact that this tool comes in at around 12 pounds. Those with well-built physiques will have no trouble messing about with this tool, but such weight might be a little heavy for the ladies as well as the elderlies—in general.

The 40V battery life and charging time are excellent. The latter, in particular, is marvelous. Our trimming test was completed in slightly over a couple of hours and the battery level stood at 25%-50%. Mighty impressive!

You can tell how much battery level remains by looking at the 4 indicator lights located on one end of the battery. Charging time is not bad at 50 minutes, maybe an hour.

We love the phenomenal quality of the blade and the motor is no slouch. This powerhouse of a cordless trimmer is able to cut through a lot of things remarkably fast including tree branches that are not too thick.

Those thick stems can be trimmed with a sowing motion; thick bushes can be cut in the blink of an eye, and the best part is it does its business quietly with no kickback to speak of.

If you can look past its rather expensive price tag, we think you’ll find the TB4400 to be well worth the investment.


• Sturdy construction
• Exceptional battery life
• Very decent battery charging time
• Superb cutting ability
• Easy to operate and works quickly


• Quite heavy
• Also quite expensive

5) GreenWorks 22232 G-24 Li-Ion 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer with 2AH Battery and Charger


Using the 22232 G-24 really opened our eyes to the caliber of Greenworks as a manufacturer of lawn and yard care equipment.

Because of this trimmer, we decided to check out their best-selling 24012 blower and the GPW1950 electric pressure washer. They are worth the money too!

Anyway, the 22232 G-24 is superbly made with user-friendly operation, lightweight build and a rear handle that rotates so you can attack those bushes and hedges from a variety of angles.

According to the product details, the trimmer weighs “8.25 pounds” but we feel that it’s lighter than that—more like 6 or 7 pounds with the battery attached. We feel that it’s one of the lightest cordless hedge trimmers around.

Noteworthy cutting strength and sharp blade enable you to slice through slim branches with superb ease. Tall hedges and vines are no match against this 24V black, green and red colored hedge trimming beast.

Blade length is all right at 22 inches and the battery life is respectable too. This model comes with a 2Ah battery plus a charger of course, and the charging duration is approximately 45 minutes.

The product details also claims that a single charge can provide up to 30 minutes of run time, but from our testing, it lasts longer than that. We did a couple of tests which lasted roughly 50 minutes and 70 minutes respectively.

In both tests, the battery did not die during work. The grip comfort is fantastic and combined with its lightweight handling, makes the 22232 G-24 such a pleasure to operate and maneuver around.

As a bonus, the included 24V battery is compatible with dozens of other tools by Greenworks. A well-rounded cordless hedge trimmer, the 22232 G-24 is pretty much everything a garden owner could ask for.


• User-friendly operation
• Very comfortable grip feels nice in the hands
• Easy to handle due to its lightweight build
• Nice cutting ability for the cost
• Battery life is nice too
• Rotating rear handle is responsive and helpful


• Charging duration is a perhaps a tad too long

6) BLACK+DECKER LHT321FF 20V MAX Lithium POWERCOMMAND Powercut Hedge Trimmer, 22″


This model is near identical to the LHT341FF model, which you can see is at number two on this list of the best hedge trimmers, but with a couple of primary differences.

Length of the blade of is a couple of inches shorter at 22” instead of 24.” The other difference is this model runs on a 20V battery rather than 40V.

To be honest with you folks, we can’t really tell the difference between this LHT321FF model and the lengthier LHT341FF in terms of cutting power.

However, one of our product testers insists the latter provides moderately superior cutting strength. Most of us are not convinced though.

Still, you can expect this model to offer similar positive attributes such as good cutting power, easy operation, good battery life, and light enough that it’s such a delight to trim hedges, bushes, and narrow branches with it.

Don’t forget that the LHT321FF is lighter than the LHT341FF, owing to the former’s shorter blade, and we presume certain internal components are smaller too.

Of course the price is cheaper too. The LHT341FF is near perfection of a cordless trimmer, and so is this model. If you want to save a bit of money and don’t mind the shorter blade, then getting the LHT321FF isn’t a bad idea.

7) OREGON CORDLESS 40 Volt MAX HT250-E6 Hedge Trimmer Kit with 2.4 Ah Battery Pack and C600 Charger


A buddy of ours brought this trimmer kit to our attention while gabbing about some products he purchased that were made by OREGON, and how pleased he was with those products.

At the time, we weren’t quite familiar with Oregon, and our experience was limited to those Oregon fruit syrups in 15-ounce cans.

a can of Oregon fruit syrups

It turned out that he was talking about a different OREGON company and not Oregon fruit products!

Well, the HT250-E6 isn’t as sweet-tasting but it’s still a pretty remarkable piece of equipment—albeit a little hard on the wallet. We bought the 2.4Ah battery pack kit.

There are other choices such as the 4.0Ah battery pack which is way pricier, or the much cheaper tool-only pack. And the latter is useless unless of course, you already own a lithium-ion PowerNow 40-volt Max battery pack.

So we don’t know about the 4.0Ah battery, but the 2.4Ah version is pretty decent. It gave us slightly over an hour’s worth of run time.

Keep in mind that we went maximum speed all the way with the tool’s speed trigger, so that run time is actually quite amazing. You can vary the speed trigger so if you wish to prolong the run time, go slow or moderate with the trigger.

But if you want unleash the full power of this 24-inch blade brute and cut through a lot of things real fast, then keep squeezing that trigger and go max speed.

Its cutting capability is fine though it may suffer a bit of a slowdown when going up against branches that are 3/4 thick.

A couple of main problems with the HT250-E6 are its battery charging time and weight of the tool (with the battery inserted).

Charging time is rather long at approximately 120 minutes and once you set the battery in, the tool weighs a fairly hefty 10 pounds give or take.

The battery itself weighs around 3 pounds. Those problems aside, the HT250-E6 is still superior to most cordless hedge trimmers.


• Nice, solid construction
• Variable speed trigger works great
• Cutting capability is quite good
• 2.4Ah provides very decent run time


• Product is quite expensive
• Quite heavy, so fatigue may set in quickly
• Charging time is quite long

8) WORX WG209 Hedge Trimmer and Pruner Slim Body Design, 4-Amp


The WG209 by WORX blends awesome cutting power with exceptionally light construction to form a terrific 120V corded hedge trimmer.

Its inexpensive price tag is fabulous and as soon as we plug it in and turn it on, we were immediately hooked on the WG209. Right away we felt amazed at the lightness of the tool and its remarkable balance.

It’s one of the most well-balanced corded hedge trimmers we’ve ever used and the reason is because the tool’s motor is actually located behind the handle.

The design is really quite clever. Now wonder reviews out there have been raving positively about its balance.

It should be noted that minor assembly is necessary before you start slicing and dicing those hedges. All you need to do is set its rather fragile protective shield in place, screw in the handle, and you’re all good.

You have to love its ability to cut and trim messy shrubs and hedges as well as pruning trees without even a hint of slowdown. What we have no love for is the vibration which is a bit too strong for our liking.

Branches with diameters of 3/8 and 5/8 were easily handled by this tool. We tested it on a few 3/4 branches and the trimmer is quite capable of handling those too.

Blade length is 24 inches; the power cord is 18 inches long (you’ll need an extension cord), and it’s possible to operate the trimmer with one hand for a deranged, machete-wielding maniac style of cutting and trimming action.

Note: We do not condone that you cut hedges like a maniac!


• Affordably priced
• Lightweight and extremely easy to control
• Balance is superb
• Blade is well constructed with awesome cutting capability
• Can be operated with one hand


• Protective shield seems fragile and may not last very long
• Vibration is quite strong

9) Makita UH6570 25-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer


Of all the electric hedge trimmers we own and tested, the Makita UH6570 is probably our favorite, despite the fact that it’s quite a heavy piece of equipment (for a corded trimmer) and the price tag is also quite heavy on the pocket.

UH6570 is without a doubt, the most powerful corded/electric-driven trimmer on this list. Its power is probably comparable to the cordless offering by EGO+ (see #10 for more info).

Makita’s UH6570 is very dominant against thicker and bigger branches compared to most models listed here.

All those long vines and shrubbery, the woody sections, tall hedges, etc. will be torn apart by this unit’s first-class blade that’s 25 inches in length. No other trimmers on this list are equipped with a blade that long.

The additional 3 inches (versus a 22-inch trimmer) or 1 inch (vs. a 24-inch trimmer) can help quite a bit, particularly if you’re facing extra tall hedges or trees that require some much needed trimming.

Even though the blade is pretty long, it doesn’t affect the unit’s balance and control. If you have decent strength in your arms, the UH6570 isn’t hard to control at all, and the balance is just fine. Its ergonomic construction is a big plus as well.

Problem is as we pointed out earlier, the unit is quite heavy as it weighs close to 11 pounds. Our wives couldn’t handle this tool that well, but most guys probably wouldn’t have any trouble lugging this around.

In addition to its handy long blade, the tool has multiple grips and they are strategically placed to allow you to assault the hedges in your garden from a number of angles.

Keep in mind that the UH6570—like most best hedge trimmers featured here—can’t be operated with one hand. One of its safety features requires you to grip this 120V tool with both hands in order to get the motor going. Plus, using two hands helps decrease fatigue.

Another safety feature (more of a safety feature for the tool itself) is the clutch system which is designed to protect the gear from being ruined because the blade is suspended by a large branch. This type of system is often available in many top-of-the-line hedge trimmers.

Last but not least, the tool comes with a cord hook. What this does is it holds the cord thus preventing the user from accidentally clipping it.

You know, it’s actually quite difficult to find genuine flaws with this unit. Don’t let its price tag scare you off. We tested this tool extensively and we really love it. It’s built to last and it’s definitely worth every dollar.


• Sharp, top-notch blade
• 25-inch blade is genuinely helpful
• Truly awesome motor power and cutting capability
• Decent control and balance
• Ergonomic construction makes it comfy to operate and maneuver around hedges and bushes
• Clutch system decreases the chance of gear damage
• Cord hook decreases the chance of accidentally cutting the cord


• Weight may be too heavy for some
• Price tag is on the high side

10) EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit


Our first experience with the highly acclaimed EGO Power+ brand was when we saw their cordless lawn mower in action at a friend’s place. That thing totally blew us away, and we thought that it looked like something out a science fiction flick!

Having heard ample of praises on this cordless trimmer, we were absolutely psyched to experience what the fuss is all about.

This model has been selling very well and after testing it out fairly extensively, it’s easy to see why. The trimmer delivers magnificent cutting power as we easily lay waste dense hedges and bushes while a neighbor observed in awe.

Think those thick, woody shrubs and branches will give you a hard time? Don’t worry; this trimmer will make short work of them! It deals with branches up to 3/4″ in diameter with astounding ease.

Still, it’s advisable that you don’t simply rush the trimmer when it comes to cutting thick branches. When dealing with thicker ones, slow down a notch or two—this little tip applies to all hedge trimmers.

The charging time vs. run time is pretty good. A single charge takes about 20 to 25 minutes and that gives you about 1 hour of continuous use. Since this unit is so powerful and cuts fast, one hour is ample of time.

Unless your garden or yard is tremendous in size, spending under an hour with this tool ought to be enough to complete a trimming task. Operating the tool is easy, but it’s rather heavy at 9 pounds with the battery inserted.

We let that neighbor who was observing us use this trimmer for a bit and while he was impressed with its cutting ability, his shoulders sored quickly after cutting the top of some tall hedges.

It’s a minor flaw really, because this model represents one of the best battery-driven hedge trimmers you’ll find in the marketplace. The plastic material that houses the motor is as solid as they come.

Another plus point (pun absolutely intended) is that the battery can also slot into other EGO Power+ tools, so if you plan on buying other battery-powered tools made by this company, then you can just pick the tool-only options, thus saving yourself a decent amount of money in the process.


• Relatively quick charging time
• Battery run time is great, considering how fast it charges
• Phenomenal cutting power gets trimming task done fast
• Very durable, sturdy construction
• Easy to operate


• A little on the heavy side
• Also a little on the pricey side

11) GARCARE 4.8-Amp Multi-Angle Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer with 20-Inch Laser Blade, Blade Cover Included


Here’s a corded pole hedge trimmer that’s a cut above the rest, especially when you consider its price vs. performance ratio compared to other pole type units.

At complete extension, the trimmer measures approximately 110 inches or 9.2 feet long, and that length is quite dead on. The cutting blade alone is 20 inches long, and it’s really sharp.

However, it must be mentioned that its top-heavy design makes it rather cumbersome to handle after a while.

Fortunately, the tool is equipped with a pretty comfortable grip so that offsets the handling/top-heavy issue, though not really by much. Using the tool in short stretches would do the trick.

We love how easy it is to set the trimmer’s head in multiple positions so we were able to make a go at tall hedges from a number of angles.

Once you’ve chosen your desired position, you can lock it in place. And don’t forget, you can set the lengths as well.

This pole trimmer takes a backseat compared to other trimmers on this list, but it’s still a winner.


• Blade is sharp
• Trimming at various angles is possible due to swiveling head
• Very long thus eliminating the use of ladders
• Angles and lengths are easy to adjust
• Grip feels comfortable


• Top-heavy makes it too tedious to handle for extended periods

Hedge Trimmer: Do You Really Need One?

Hedges are great to have in your garden, but maintaining them is a pain the arms, shoulders and back. So if you want to make things extremely easy for yourself, get a hedge trimmer—quick!

This tool will save you plenty of time and of course, your arms, shoulders…well, your whole will body will thank you for getting it.

If your garden isn’t that big with a few short hedges, then it’s fine to just use a pair of hedge shears. For moderate to large sized gardens however, a hedge trimmer is highly recommended because using hand shears will take you hours or even days to finish the job.

With the might of a quality hedge trimmer at your disposal, a moderate to heavy trimming jobs would often take less than an hour. Heck, a lot of trimming tasks can probably be done in minutes.

One of the things that make hedge trimmers such a fantastic gardening tool is that apart from clipping hedges, you can also use it to cut tree branches in the fall.

Branch cutting can be exhausting and it takes too much time as well, so it’s very helpful to have a trimmer to aid you in this endeavor.

You can easily make your garden hedges look well-balanced and even with a hedge trimmer.

Of course it’s not impossible to attain that even look using manual hedge shears, but it won’t be easy, unless you are Edward Scissorhands*.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never trim a hedge in your life, with the help of a trimmer; the skill curve is substantially diminished so pretty much anyone can achieve that even, balanced cut.

Trimmers are equipped with blades of varying lengths, often 20 to 25 inches long. You can cut through things real quick with long blades, but shorter blades are easier to use.

From time to time, you’ll need to oil the trimmer’s blade to avoid decline in performance.

It should be noted that trimmer models are not only different from one another in terms of size; they are also different when it comes to the shape of the blade.

This means you can opt for a single or a double edge blade, or even a blade that possess ample openings.

In general, there are 3 kinds of hedge trimmers:

1) Cordless or battery-operated models
2) Corded or electric-powered models
3) Gas-powered models

Cordless/Battery-operated hedge trimmers

These days, they are the most popular pick especially for homeowners. One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they can be carried around the yard or garden without hindering mobility.

The bad news though is the battery that powers the tool is often quite heavy, and a recharge is required once the power runs out. The batteries can be expensive as well.

Corded/electric-powered trimmers

The lightest of the three, but mobility is an issue. This problem is easily solved with an extension cord.

Still, dragging cord isn’t appealing to most folks, hence why battery-operated models are the preferred choice these days.

Corded trimmers are often very well-balanced and relatively inexpensive.

Gas-powered trimmers

The least popular type due to their hefty weight and they tend to be very loud. In addition, they can be quite difficult to get up and running.

Excessive vibration is another problem as well and using one for an extended period of time can lead to painful hands and wrists.

On the upside, gas-powered hedge trimmers typically offer significant cutting ability for the money. Their large motors are ideal for big jobs and can work dependably for months.

They are particularly useful if you have large, overgrown hedges or a big job to take care of, but as we’ve already mentioned, there can be negative aspects to a petrol hedge trimmer too, depending on your work requirements and job specifics.