If you’re looking to buy silk flowers, orchids, and plants, you have many choices as far as quality, style, and availability are concerned.

If you’re looking for silk flowers for a wedding, or just looking for the best prices for silk flowers, here’s some information that may help you out.

But first, a brief history on silk flowers…

Silk plants started off being made from crepe paper. Although beautiful in their own right, they weren’t really made to last that long. Then came the silk plants made of foam sheets.

Although able to hold color longer than crepe flowers, their appearance was less appealing. After them came the terrible plastic flowers, which looked worse than the previous artificial flowers.

Finally, came forth the flowers of today. They are more lifelike, and incorporate materials such as latex, velvet, and cotton/polyester, which hold the dye better, and are more realistic.

gorgeous red silk flowers decorating my table

Today’s silk flowers are becoming more and more popular, for weddings and other occasions, as their quality is beginning to increase. RomanceHer.com has a unique variety of artificial flowers. They have paper, crystal, and even gold dipped real flowers.

So why would you buy silk flowers instead of their fresh cut relatives? Well for starters, you’ll probably save a lot more money if you go with silk plants, instead of fresh cut ones.

You can save over 80% by buying artificial flowers. Also silk plants require little maintenance. Besides having to dust them off once in a while, you can pretty much just leave them alone.

Another reason to get silk flowers is that you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions that someone might have to real flowers.

Also if you ever wanted to change their look, you can just add, or remove any flowers you’re not using, and save them for later. Petals.com offers a nice selection of silk flowers to choose from.

The quality of silk flowers goes from really good, to pretty bad. The more expensive silk orchids or flowers tend to be more realistic, and are made from fabrics that better create the look and texture of the real thing.

The highest level of silk flowers is the “botanically correct” variations. These flowers are hard to distinguish from real flowers.

Because of the materials they use, and the accuracy which is achieved, these plants can get pretty expensive. These high-end silk flowers can actually cost more than the fresh varieties they copy.

Some manufacturers even add scents to the flowers. You don’t even have to pick a floral scent; you can have your orchids smell like chocolates, if you wanted them to!

So where’s the best place to buy your silk flowers from? Well, there are a couple places you can buy your silk flower arrangements from. You can buy them from thrift shops, from craft stores, or of course, online.

Online is not a bad choice because of the selection, and the price range. You can find flowers from very cheap to very expensive.

Also, if you’re buying bulk flowers for a wedding or other occasion, you can be sure that they have a large supply, and won’t run out of any type of flower. Buying online you could also usually find some pretty nice discounts.

Speaking of weddings, if you want to incorporate silk flowers in your bridal decorations, you don’t really even have to buy them. There are places that just rent silk flowers, and then you can return them when you’re done.

If you don’t mind having used flowers, you can also go on eBay. You can find a wide selection of silk flowers from people who don’t want theirs anymore.

You have many choices when it comes to artificial flowers. With the high level of quality silk flowers available today, you might want to give silk flowers a closer look. Finding flowers that match the occasion, as well as your budget, shouldn’t be that hard.

Some Things to Take Note of When Shopping for Silk Flowers

When buying silk flowers, cost, quality, and selection, are a few things that you should be aware of.

Silk orchids or flowers make excellent gifts, and because they are usually made out of some sort of fabric; silk flowers will last for years, with the proper care.

wonderfully crafted yellow silk orchids

Although called “silk flowers”, most silk flowers are made of a cotton/polyester blend. This fabric is chosen because it holds the color dyes, and retains the texture well.

The quality of silk flowers can also change significantly from flower, to flower. The higher priced silk flowers incorporate different materials; such as latex, and “peachskin”.

The latex provides for a more natural, and life like feel. The “peachskin” is suede-like fabric that is suitable for flowers that have velvety petals.

If you’re on a budget, purchasing silk flowers might be a good option. That’s because silk flowers are often much cheaper than their real counterparts, and don’t have the maintenance concerns.

Some silk flowers are as much as 87% cheaper then what you would pay for fresh flowers. That being said, you do get what you pay for.

At eBay you can find all sorts of silk flowers. The cheaper silk flowers generally look less realistic, and sometimes only have a flower, and a stem, with no leaves or branches. Silk flowers can be made up of; polyester, silk, velvet, parchment, or even latex.

The higher priced silk flowers tend to be more realistic, and more appealing. They sometimes have wired petals, branches, and leaves, which you could bend to get the look you want. Some are even hand painted to add to the realism.

Silk flowers come in an array of specimens to choose from. Whether it’s a tiger lily, daisies, roses, or magnolias, you can usually find a silk flower to match it.

Silk flowers allow you to buy pre-made arrangements, or create your own unique flower arrangement. Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers are low maintenance, and don’t require a lot of extra work.

They don’t have to be watered, or trimmed, and they don’t need any floral preservatives to extend their lifespan. That being said, they do get dusty from time to time, and need to be cleaned off.

One way to go about it is to put the flowers in a paper bag. Combine about 1 or 2 cups of uncooked white rice, and shake. This gets rid of most of the dust, and does a good job in cleaning off the plants.

Another option is to fill the kitchen sink half-way, and add 2-3 tsp. of dish detergent. Put your flowers under the water, and give them a couple of shakes.

After that, lay the silk flowers on a couple of dry paper towels for a few minutes to air out

Silk flowers offer a nice alternative to the real thing. If cost or maintenance is a concern, then you might want to give silk flowers a try. They will compliment any room in the house for years to come.

The Plus Points of Getting Silk Wedding Flowers

What are some of the benefits of having silk wedding flowers? The attractive price is one thing.

Most silk flowers cost a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you could save a considerable amount of money, by going with silk flowers.

Don’t rule out online sources such as Petals.com and eBay where you might be able to find great deals. When thinking about using silk wedding decoration flowers, remember you’re not limited to any one bouquet.

You can buy a pre-made silk bouquet. Or you can create your own unique silk flower arrangement.  One advantage of buying silk flowers for a wedding is that you don’t have to worry if the flowers are in season or not.

Out of season flowers are costly, but with silk flowers you don’t have to worry about that. At Petals.com they have a decent selection of silk flowers to choose from.

Another good thing about silk flowers is they are lightweight. If you’re going to be holding flowers for a considerable amount of time, the lighter they are the better. This is also helpful, if you’re buying your silk flowers online. The lighter weight of silk flowers cuts back on shipping costs.

super stunning silk flowers for a wedding event

Silk flowers are becoming more realistic every year. The new silk flowers are incorporating different materials into the flowers to make them more lifelike.

Some of the new materials that are being added to silk flowers are latex, velvet, and peachskin (a suede-like material). You could also get scented silk flowers, to add to the realism.

Also you don’t have to worry about people with allergies, sneezing, or coughing during your wedding.

Silk flowers are also very durable. They can last for years, with the proper care. If you’re interested in preserving your wedding flowers; the silk varieties are low maintenance, and are easier to preserve.

Last, but not least, is the actual appearance of the flowers. While fresh flowers are hard to beat, they only stay that way for a week or two, whereas the silk flowers will keep their appearance for years to come.