Trellises come in various designs so it is essential that you consider what you will use it for. Are you going to use it as support for your plant or just as an ornament in your garden?

Types of Trellises

If you are planning to create a trellis as a decorative element then you can pick those with intricate details but make sure you don’t grow vines on it because when the plant matures, it can cover the beautiful design of your trellis.

a simple looking garden trellis

On the other hand, if you are going to use a trellis as support for your plants, select those which can withstand the weight of the plants. The vines will increase in weight over a period of time and it can damage the shape of the trellis if it’s not sturdy enough.

There are also trellises build as a seat or garden feature rather than a support for growing plants. This can make a stunning piece when placed in your garden.

It would immediately catch ones attention especially if you also hang small flowers using planters on the trellis. The creeping plants and flower can add dramatic effect to the seat and this will surely be a favorite area in your garden.

You can just sit on the trellis while feeling the breeze and relaxing. There are different ideas with which you can use a trellis but one thing is for sure, a garden will never look complete without this structure.

If you want to impress your friends and neighbors, start planning to set up garden arches in your backyard.

Wrought Iron Trellis

a customized wrought iron trellis

We would often associate a wrought iron trellis with massive houses and huge garden because this is what we typically see in movies.

Several of us want the same look but are concerned that it might just be overpowering especially if you have a small abode as well as a cramped yard.

Anyone can make use of a wrought iron trellis, no matter how small your area is. You just have to know how to position it to avoid overshadowing your garden and your home.

Your options with trellises is not limited to ones made solely from iron because you can also find a wooden trellis planter, plastic trellises, aluminum trellis and ones made from a range of other materials.

With all these alternatives, you can select one that will match your garden design as well as any other pieces you may have in your garden.

If your garden is looking dull and boring, you can spice it up by placing garden arches in the entrance and other spots. Using a wrought iron trellis is an easy and affordable way of transforming the garden.

There are different sizes of iron trellis from huge to petite ones so you can select the appropriate size. You can even customize your own trellis with the help of professionals.

Wooden Trellis Planter

People these days love the country look and they want to bring this into their homes. This kind of look can be achieved with the use of the right furniture and structures that can be added both indoors as well as outdoors.

Wooden items are best for achieving the rustic feel in your home as well as on your patio and in your garden. So how can you capture that rustic feel and style for your home?

A wooden trellis planter is a great addition to any garden because it is not only a piece of art but a functional item as well.

Planter Trellises

a diy wooden trellis planter

Planter trellises are structures which can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal that you can situate on a planter box.

They are used to help guide plants like vines and creeping plants as they grow, so you can control their path of growth and keep them organized. It is also a great structure to use as a divider that can separate different plants you have in your garden.

If you plan to grow vines and other creeping plants, it would be best if you choose a vertical trellis thus providing you additional planting space especially when your garden is small.


With the use of trellises you can organize your plants according to size and type. This will make it easier for you to distinguish one plant from another.

Plants like beans, blueberries and morning glories work well with a trellis because it follows whatever pattern you have.

To add more color in your trellis, you can hang smaller planters with plants on it such as petunias, pansies or even sunflowers. These flowers will provide a different shade from that of the vines.

You can inter-mix plants in a way that it will complement each other. For instance, one can plant blueberries, strawberries and beans all on one trellis.

Simple trellises can be constructed with minimal materials required and this can be used as support for plants like grapes which are popular for outdoor entertainment areas, due to the cover they offer as well as the fruit they bare.

You only need poles and wires to build the trellis. Recommended materials for poles are iron, aluminum and the like because this can hold out even with the changes in the weather.

DIY Trellis Construction

  1. Place the poles in the ground by digging at least 2-3 inches deep. Make sure that the poles are evenly spaced from each other.
  2. Tie the wires alongside the poles.
  3. Wires should be strong enough to hold the plant as well as resist the wind.

If you intend to use the trellis as a decorative element in your garden, you can get ready made ones in various stores.

You can select from a wide range of designs and materials used to find exactly the right trellis for your garden requirements.

Garden Arches

A lot of us think that in order to make our gardens attractive we should spend loads of money on it. This is not always the case because you can develop an eye catching garden minus high expenses as long as you let your creativity flow.

You can landscape and design your garden beautifully with the use of materials and elements you can see around you. One thing that can influence the look of your garden is the incorporation of features such as garden arches.

There are various ways that you can use a garden arch to enhance the look of your garden:-

Arched Entrances

A garden arch or trellis is often used as an entrance to one’s garden. You can put up as many arches as you like since there is no limit as to how many entrances you can put on your garden arrangement.

They can also be used to provide different opening for distinct areas of your garden landscape.

Garden Support

When anchored properly they can serve as a support for growing plants such as vines and shrubs.

Having vines and other creeping plants growing from trellis planters up over arches creating small garden enclosures would give a dramatic effect to your garden thus drawing people to have a look at what’s inside.

Elements of Design

If you want to add height to your garden, installing arches is a good way of achieving this. These structures give an immediate elevation to the area.

When planning to add arches to your yard you should think about height and width to ensure that they fit perfectly into the area.

You also need to consider the design, making sure that it complements the look of the entire garden and your home as well. If you want a country style feel then your arches and other structures should be rustic in nature and design.

How to Anchor your Arch

Your arch needs to be anchored properly or the wind may just knock it down and possibly damaging plants and other structures.

Drive iron poles on each sides of the arch then tie it securely. You can also use cement to fasten the base of the arch to the ground.

Once your garden arch is secured in its place, the next thing you should consider is the kind of plant you will place around it.

Yes, vines are perfect however you need to make sure that the arch can carry the weight of the plant because some can grow quickly and can become very heavy even if they are just vines.

Many garden landscapers prefer for the vines to grow on the sides and not all the way up to the top of the arch. If you also like yours this way, cut back the vines as necessary.

With the arches and plants in place, your garden will surely look stunning and you will surely impress your guests.